Fostering Excellence Transformative Practices towards Ensuring Qualit

The biggest factor that correlates good quality education is a good quality teacher. How do we improve the quality of teachers is a major concern. Secondly, we need to understand why our institutions don’t figure in global rankings, as much as we are proud of them and have invested billions of dollars into them. If we are to become a knowledge economy, we need the insight and experience to take the Indian higher education to a completely different level.
Dr Amir Ullah Khan, Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, India
To bring about excellence, commercialisation of education needs to be stopped first. Educationists and education aid providers need to work together on areas of improvement through deliberations and innovations. Enrolments need to be increased, while dropout rates have to be minimised. Language barriers play a vital role too.
Dr G James Pitchai, Vice Chancellor, Bhararhiar University, Coimbatore
A lot of transformational practices can come into examinations that will improve the overall quality of the education system. Maybe five years down the line, we shall be talking more about the best practices in computerbased
mode of examination, instead of just talking about switching over to online system. Crucial aspects such as quality guidance, candidate convenience, and multiple service providers shall have to be considered.
Nagendran S, Executive Vice President, MeritTrac Services Pvt Ltd
The issue of ensuring quality in education is inherently tied to the scalability and accessibility of education. We need larger number of classrooms, books, study materials, labs, equipments, and good teachers, etc. However, human resources cannot be guaranteed to scale, and that’s where blended learning can help through models such as flipped classrooms and distance education. It enables students to get a mix of face-to-face type interaction with teachers and computer-mediated learning technologies, hence offering them best of both the worlds.
Jaya Jha, Head, Product & Marketing, Network Aurus
We need to create a framework where a student’s selflearning process gets much better. Technology is not about taking the teacher out of the system, but enabling the teacher. We need to change the mindset and see technology as an enabler. For any transformation to happen, we need corporates to provide us technology that would take us to the next level, academicians for bringing in research and innovation, and parents to keep faith in us.
Ullas Sathyanarayana, Co-Founder & Director, Cogknit Semantics Pvt Ltd
The classroom should focus on how we can learn together. This is the age of diminishing IP. The idea of patents is going to be over, because everything is going to be open. We are talking about ethical hacking. We really need to open up.
Supreet Kaur, Head, Marketing and Alliances,
Harness Handitouch