Resource Planning at Engineering Institutions

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) is management software that enables any organisation to use a nexus of integrated applications to manage the business efficiently. A typical ERP may consist of various individual modules that address different functional areas for any business entity including education sector, and leads towards its seamless functioning

There is a need for a solution that is purpose-built to fit the specific requirements of the education industry…

Need for ERP
Due to its ever growing and competitive nature, higher education sector has always been in need of a quality ERP solution that could prove to be a core resource planning tool, and can serve to efficiently automate institution’s day to day business processes.

The role of any higher educational institution in today’s world is not limited to imparting education alone, but to systematically and efficiently manage to handle varied activities including admissions, library and hostel management, placements, finance management, etc. This has necessitated an urge for simplifying and automating these processes via reliable campus management ERP solution.

The ability of an educational institution to implement world-class processes is often hindered by the absence of a single efficient system. Besides, the problem is compounded by the dependence on several legacy softwares that do not communicate with each other. Thus, the need is for a solution that is purpose built to fit the specific requirements of the education industry.

Utilities of higher education ERP Registration and Admission, Student Management,Course Management, Examination.Evaluation and Transcript Generation,Library Management System, Fee Management System, HR Management & Payroll, Financial, Transport management,Attendance and Leave Management (for faculty with biometric integration), Attendance Management (for students) Hostel Management, Inventory Management,Student Placement, Alumni Management,Communication Tools, Student / Parent/Faculty and Management log in (for viewing relevant data in real time)

Customisation: Limited and essential customisation has to be carried out to incorporate the socio-economic requirements
of the locality along with certain process flow in certain modules like admission,examination, etc.

Benefits of educational ERP
Some of the prominent benefits of educational ERP are:

  • Offers ease of working as well as convenience by simplifying different working departments into functional links
  • Simplifies the arduous task of handling student records and student lifecycle management commencing from enquiry to admission and followed till student gets suitably placed and becomes an alumnus
  • Facilitates reports being readily available for different purposes and weeds out
    data redundancy
  • Proper accountability of 3M’s (Manpower,Money and Material)
  • Communication tools for staff,students and parents. Students feel at ease to login to their login screen for all information such as attendance, timetables/
    schedules, reports cards, project assessments, event schedules, internal
    assessments and course materials
  • Reduced manpower and less dependability on staff, centralised control, MIS
    reports at finger tips from any location
  • Institutes gain from ERP for their campuses, from quick decision-making
    The entire functioning of the institute can be simplified, streamlined and integrated,thereby improving the overall performance and productivity

Emergence of a leading ERP solution
Realising the dearth of quality ERP solution, a Delhi-based company Entab Infotech pvt Ltd undertook the responsibility to provide educational fraternity with a dependable ERP solution in the year 2000.
With persistent research and careful monitoring of ever changing dynamics of educational sector, Entab, with its flagship product CampusCare has accomplished the cause to a larger extent and continues its pursuit of betterment.
Already into the 13th year of excellence with over 1,000 satisfied clientele within India and overseas, they have carved a niche for themselves in educational ERP sector. Today, their flagship product CampusCare is identified to be a benchmark for “ready to be deployed” comprehensive quality ERP solution.