Mid-day Meal cooks to be trained on hygienic and nutritional aspects

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Mid-day-Meal1New Delhi: The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has sought the support of tourism ministry in arranging the training of master cooks engaged in the mid-day meal scheme with an aim to educate them about food’s nutritional and hygienic value. The authorities hope this will enhance the scheme’s effectiveness.

The tourism ministry will upgrade the cooking skills of almost 25 lakh cooks in a phased manner. The training module for the cooks will be a 10-day course that will be delivered by the Institutes of Hotel Management and the Food Craft Institutes designated by tourism ministry.

The cooks will be taught methods of cooking for retaining the nutritive value of food items, awareness regarding issues of malnutrition and the nutrition required in food. The course will also teach communication skills and the importance of maintaining hygienic practices.

Mid-day meal scheme is the world’s largest noon meal programme and currently employs 24.58 lakh cook-cum-helpers under it. Nearly 10.52 crore children are being served mid-day meals in 12.18 lakh schools on a daily basis.

(Source: PTI)


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