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v k viraniPlease share details about digital classrooms of the school?
Presently we are using 11 (digital) classrooms of TeachNext but will definitely increase more number of classrooms in the future. There are several reasons to adopt digital classroom solutions in our school. These include:

  • It makes learning more interactive and grabs the attention of student in the class
  • Earlier it was tough to attract the attention of primary class student but now primary students also take interest in  learning different topics ansubject
  • It makes the concept, problem, theorem etc, much easier to understand for the difficult higher class topics as well
  • As per the scientific research, retention of audio-video learning is 80 percent more than the traditional way of approach

What are the components of TeachNext digital classrooms?

The components of our TeachNext digital classrooms are divided in three parts, they are as follow:

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Under Software and Content: We have content library, which is mapped as per the syllabus
Under Hardware: TeachNext Deviceor CPU with Remote, Projector, Ceiling Mount Kit, Cabling – Audio, Video, Dual Speakers, 6’x4’ Green Board and Promethean Interactive Whiteboard
Hardware at Central Coordination Center (CCC): Two Teacher PCs, Server and Network Switch
Software that are only applicable for server are TeachNext Client Interface, Next Studio, Next Tools, Next Dictionary, Reporting System, TeachNext Application Server, Assessment Creation Software, Content Creation and Publish Software, Microsoft Office and Windows XP OS for Teacher PCs, Encyclopadia Britannica, BBC motion Gallery and Algodoo.


  • Teachers training programme to help school adopt this innovative solution easily and ensure high usage
  • Continuous Support and Content Upgrade
  • Service Commitment

How has the adoption affected academic standards?
Definitely the standards of academics have been increased by the use of TeachNext digital classrooms. The level of understanding for students has increased, it has enabled students to understand difficult concept of all subjects easily. The standard of pronunciation of each student is also improving day by day with the use of digital classrooms and its tools. Before these digital classrooms, students used to mug up the concept or theorem to get marks in exams but now students are trying to understand the concept or theorem. With virtual labs and experiment they are able to understand different facts, like students can see the result of experiment of photosynthesis in different  seasons at different time. Simulation in different topics has helped students to understand same concept by putting different values and observing their respective outcom again and again. Not only students, but teachers are also getting benefits of the TeachNext classes.

studentStudent’s Feedback
As per Ajeet Kr Singh, student of standard X, “Learning has now become interesting, easy and clear. We are now able to understand a difficult concept much more easily. As a student, after understanding the concept its much easy for us to express it in any exam or test. For me English language was a barrier to understand the concept, but as TeachNext digital classroom can explain the concept in Hindi as well, now I am able to understand the concept, theorem or problems much easily.”


Teacher’s Feedback
As per Vipul Virani, Vice Principal,“Next Education has digitised the entire syllabus in the form of 2D and 3D animation. It has made teaching easier and fun-filled in comparison to earlier teaching experience. It has made classroom teaching easy, engaging and effective. Next Education has made classroom future ready by providing digital interactive classroom. These days, students are very much more eager to attend classes, to understand the concept by the digital classrooms. It is user friendly and easy to use in classrooms. The standard of learning is now common for all students of different cities.”

How has the evaluation of effect been done?
The evaluation or the result of the effect can be seen in our exams, assessments, experiments, debate competitions etc.
The marks of overall students are gradually getting better. After seeing an experiment in virtual labs, students are easily able to conduct them in real labs. Spoken English ability and pronunciation are also getting better among students. The MCQ exercises after every module help teachers to evaluate the understanding level of every student, and that is showing a continuous progress.

How has it enhanced teaching-learning process?
It has made teaching and learning easy, effective and engaging. In area like ours it is very hard to get very high-skilled teachers. So with the help of this digital classroom, we have got a similar kind of learning for students all over India. For Instance: a student in Delhi or Mumbai using this technology is getting the same input as a student in small towns of Bihar.
For teachers, in chalk-and-talk method, it took a lot of time and was hard to express and make students understand 3D diagrams, biological parts, etc. But with digital classrooms, these can be easily explained to students. It was really tough for teachers to teach every category (excellent, good, average and below average) of students in class, but with the help of digital classrooms now it is easy to focus on every student. Teachers took lot of time to create a question paper; but with the help of this technology now the same work can be done in lesser time with lesser hassles and errors.

Please share teachers’ training and experience with ICT tools.
Teachers’ training is essential to understand the need and the way to use and teach students through digital classrooms. Teachers training program me helps us to adopt this innovative solution easily and ensure high usage. Initially, when teachers saw different ICT tools like graph, protector, etc, they thought it was too tough for them to use, but after the training programme it made it easier for them to deal with different tools. Trainers are also cooperative during training session. And teachers have gained lot of new skill to use these classrooms. As a teacher it would never have been possible to teach graph or construction on board without these ICT tools. For every subject there are different tools. For instance, for Chemistry they also need Periodic Table, digital maps in social science is an outstanding tool to be used in class etc. As without this tool, they might have not taught or might have not been easy to teach different topics in different subjects, similarly without teachers’ training programme it would not have been possible for them to use TN and its ICT tools in effective manner. For students, learning has become far more fun-filled. They are able to understand a concept more easily. They can practise more number of problems and concepts through our Self Learning Modules. For areas in Bihar the concept has been explained in English and Hindi both, so that students can easily learn the concept in their desired language. It has made learning interactive, clear and easy. Our students just love it and wait for the next concept to be introduced.

What are the new innovations you are expecting in future?
So far it is very good but in coming future we expect more subjects to be added with some more innovative tools and interactive features along with the features through which my students can get the global exposure.

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