Reinventing Education System with Next Generation School ERP

Razi AhmedRazi Ahmed, Country Manager / CEO – India, Edmatix Information Systems, a subsidiary of Mazik Tech Solutions talks about how the company is helping educational institutions to achieve their academic goals and bring people together by removing gaps between parents, teachers and students

Please shed some light on Edmatix Solutions.
Edmatix is the education ERP division of Mazik Tech solutions which provides multi lingual educational solutions and services. Our products are built on latest Microsoft, Web 2.0 technologies to make it more user friendly and cater the education needs of various school boards such as state SSC, CBSE, ICSE and several others that exists in India it also caters colleges, training institutes and universities.

How Edmatix is helping Education Institutions across India?
Edmatix is helping education industry achieve their academic goals and set standards. We are totally committed to helping education community; reinvent education system to improve their education standards and student achievements to outperform in several state and central aptitude tests. Our education products are designed to help you support the lifecycle of active learning, inspires student success and create technology enabled environment.
Our products are built to allow seamless customizations to meet the needs of every school in the education community.
Edmatix has been committed to providing the best software solutions for education industry and helping schools maintain their competitive edge with their counter parts in the education market. Our mission is to provide schools a very comprehensive, easy to use and most cost effective solutions. We help schools and institutions to achieve their education goals by improving education standard, student grades, achievements and ofcourse achieve their target revenues to help them expand their services. Improvement in student grades and education standards will help schools to send more students to colleges and universities where they can be selected for the most demanding courses and programs to support Indian growth in technology and sciences.

How do you manage support for your existing customers when you are adding schools almost every week?
Along with our local support, we are constantly monitoring the industry and working with our customers who are driving the functionality of our software. We are committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations. We completely understand that the software you buy today needs to last for decades, grow and adapt with your school’s changing needs and requirements. We follow a strict change management and control for every release of each new enhancement. Our implementation and support teams are very well connected with all our customers, they keep all customers very well informed about our new features and enhancement to existing features in our releases. We believe in training our customers that to reduce the number support calls that we receive and help us use our valuable time to further build the software. We value each of our customers irrespective of their size and revenue.

What is the mantra of your rapid growth in a little span of time?
Edmatix is built using the technology stack such as .NET framework, Silverlight, Entity framework, CSLA and Reporting services. The framework is designed keeping in mind the type of industry this software is going to serve. Every School works differently: our 11 years of experience serving educational industry tells us that no two schools works the same way. Our ability to customize our solution to every school needs is one of the main reasons for our rapid growth.
Inexperienced Technology Users: We totally understand that teacher’s job is to teach students and not spend lot of time managing student grades, attendance, lesson plans and etc. we have designed our system keeping in mind that teachers are not the regular users of computers. Our intuitive and consistent layouts in every modules helps teacher understand
quickly how to use the system.
Low Internet Bandwidth: We understand that not all schools and educational institutions afford to have high bandwidth internet connections. Our system is designed to work on low internet bandwidth using our software’s ability to safely and
securely cache repeated data on local machines to help perform faster transactions without any waiting times.