India Needs Higher Standard Teaching Tools

Laxmi Narayan Rao (Lux Rao) is Chief Technologist, Technology Services, HP India Sales.Rao’s division helps customers adopt technologies and solutions such as cloud computing, big data, mobility. He talks about how ICT adoption in education in India is taking big leap and need for good teaching tools in education. In conversation with Sruti Ghosal, ENN

How do you look at the role of technology on growth of education sector in India?
Education sector is one domain which 
has seen mass proliferation of technology. Previously it was the classroom education, which was prevalent, but now students can gain knowledge from multiple channels. These channels can be through Internet or other means.Since there are a lot of means to gather information there is not the right kind of tool to sift through the information and gather the correct ones and omit the ones which are not needed. So keeping this in mind we need a set of tools which will actually help the students sift through the correct information.

Indian education sector is an 85 billion US $ opportunity for business. How do you see education as a vertical for HP?
At HP we have come with a solution called HP video book. It essentially scans a book, and identifies the key words in the text. These keywords are those which are relevant to the child. It automatically sifts through the content, identifies the key words, cross references it with known knowledge repository, brings in the best videos and offers a side by side knowledge experience to the child. So this is something which actually can be game changing as far as a child’s learning is concerned. If we take an example of a 8th grade student,he must be interested in knowing more about the relevant topic so he might look into the internet. In the process he might get much information but the possibility of being side tracked by unwanted information cannot be subdued. This is one part of the video book. The second part is that, if we take a 1st semester electronic student he might have understood the theoretical functioning of an optic fibre. But by the time they apply it to the industries they might have passed three four semesters and there remains a possibility of the lesson fading away from their mind. There is a gap between the theoretical understanding of the topic and practical understanding to it. So a video book bridges this gap by bringing in videos referring to the content. This video book offers a 360 degree perspective to the child.
Talking about a service like HP video book the need for actually sifting the content for quality information is very important. A person who wants a holistic understanding of the subject, it is very important that he comes across the right content and does not get distracted. In HP technologies it has always been an effort to simplify education and cloud today is playing a vital role in it.

For a person who wants a holistic understanding of the subject, it is very important that he comes across the right content and does not get distracted

What are the challenges and opportunities in this market?
India has a very lucrative market and as a market is also has a need for large amount of good standard teaching tool. With technology the barrier between the rich and the poor can be bridged and everyone can get access to quality education. So tools are very important so that great quality education can be imparted to the students.