Synergising Current Teaching-learning Practices

techerDigital Classrooms at the School
We have initiated the process of digitisation with 54 classrooms to synergise digital learning and our current teaching-learning practices. We will plan to extend digitisation to all our classrooms.
With tomorrow being increasingly competitive, we strive to provide all our students the support they need to learn, grow and develop. Our objective is to provide our teachers with means to make more and better contribution in learning process of students.

Digital classrooms and lab set-up
 Classroom digitisation, by deployment of iken School, is the basic solution offered by Mexus Education. It spreads over infrastructure, set-up, digital platform and content repository of learning resources as well as continuous support to ensure optimum use and upkeep of the set-up.

Content platform and repository
Mexus Education offers comprehensive multi-format digital content repository, running over hours, for teaching topics of entire K-12 segment. Lessons are re-created in several engaging multimedia ormats including live videos, movie, animations,case studies.
These digital classrooms are complemented with Virtual Labs that include experiments of Science, applicationdriven solutions for Maths and experiences of skill-based language into the very classrooms.

Services on board
Digital Classrooms offer flexibility to plan content flow for a lesson in the manner that matches teaching style of our tutors with aptitude and learning orientation of classrooms.
iKen Classrooms also provide us with exclusive digital expert who continuously supports lesson-planning, classroom preparation and content counselling to ensure uninterrupted teaching learning support.


Student’s Feedback

“It is easier to understand anatomy and other such topics by seeing them rather than by listening to their descriptions. It becomes even easier to understand when we see it in movies with different perspectives. These activities, movies, demonstrations have made long classes much more fun and enjoyable. Studies do not feel like studying at all now,” says a student


Teacher’s Feedback

“iKen Library has made it easier for teachers using these classrooms to explain complex concepts in a way that students would find easy to understand. Conducting classroom tests are not as difficult as they used to be. With iKen Evaluate I, now, have tests on every topic,” says a teacher

Raising academic standards
iKen School Eco-System facilitatedinstruction and explanation of complex topics while ensuring that every student in the class gets individual attention. Teachers are required to ensure that entire class reaches the basic level of understanding on the topic.
Topic-wise formative assessment system has transferred the responsibility of performance partially to the teachers. Teachers have means to ensure that a basic understanding level for a particular topic is achieved by entire classroom.
With focus on child development and memorising capacity, students are now expected to understand the concepts over mere memorising, as they are assessed through different modes beyond written exams viz. quick quizzes, activities, experiments, concept-applications, etc.

Evaluation of effect
Evaluation of the system and its impact on the learning environment is measured in two ways:
First is the evaluation of students through iKen Evaluate, which allows measuring the understanding levels of students immediately upon completion of topics and periodically. Secondly, from the feedback of teachers, Mexus connects with teachers on regular intervals to assess and ensure adoption of new pedagogy.

Enhanced teaching-learning
Ease of Navigation and Usage: The content is streamlined and catalogued on various parameters like class, subject and topic. This makes the navigation more userfriendly and ensures the ease of access.
Age-appropriate content, localised characters, content and contexts make it easier for children to listen& understand the resources and content ; as they relate with the situations and characters.
Integrated formative assessment system allows teachers to identify the comprehension levels of class on the topic instructed immediately.

Expections from future
The new innovations which we expect in the future is more into gamification which would help students enjoy the learning even more, resulting into enhanced retention levels.
Children enjoy playing and if the games can teach all the concepts that the students have to learn over a period of time, the teaching-learning process would reach the next level, bringing about a paradigm shift in what we perceive as effective education.