Technology Solution for Teaching-Learning

Project Shiksha
Organisation: Microsoft Corporation India Private Limited
Objective: Through this program,Microsoft aims at bringing innovation in the teaching-learning process by empowering teachers with ICT skills.
Description: Partners in Learning works in association with governments and education leaders around the world to integrate technology into daily teaching, learning, and research and aims to deliver on empowering leadership, providing access to technology and quality content, and building strong communities within India.
Target Group: Government school teachers
• Project Shiksha has so far trained more than 744,400 government
school teachers
• Tie-ups with various state-run District Institutes for Education and Training (DIETs)
• Several teachers participate in e-communities and have their own websites after their ICT training
• Many teachers trained under Shiksha have won National ICT awards recognising their efforts

DigitALly by Pearson
Organisation: Pearson Education Services
Objective: To convert the traditional classroom into an interactive learning session by combining state-of-the-art hardware with syllabus-compliant, multimedia content.
Description: The traditional chalk-and-talk teaching method did not encourage collaboration and interactivity in a classroom. Hence, we created DigitALly™ whose vibrant and engaging multimedia content ensures an interactive classroom and provides for an easy understanding of difficult concepts.
Target Group: Teachers and students.
• Received several awards including e-Maharashtra award, National Business Award
and Marico Innovation Award
• Manthan Award for Best e-Content Development across Southeast Asia

Chrysalis Techmate
Organisation: Ez Vidya Private Ltd
Objective: To integrate a unified techno-pedagogy learning framework that integrates 21st Century curriculum, Cloud-sourced technology and professional development of teachers.
Description: Chrysalis TechMate integrates technology into learning with the help of a user-friendly repository of curriculum, audiovisuals and assessments. Teachers and students annotate on them and save for future reference. Navigation is streamlined to enhance productivity of users. Students take online assessments with instant
grading and reporting on their performance.
Target Group: All the stakeholders in a school – Principal, Teachers and students.
• Deployed in over 180 schools in less than two years
• Teachers and principals becoming collaborative designers and not just users
• Have customised TechMate for every single user amongst all partner schools
• EZ Vidya has reviewed every single teacher usage with every school
• In the last two years EZ Vidya has achieved 94 percent conversion of teachers’ usage