Nine departments for tribal languages in Ranchi University

The Ranchi University has  taken an important step of promoting the tribal languages for which they have planned to introduced nine tribal language department as part of the Tribal Regional Language (TRL). The proposal has already been approved by the Ranchi University authorities in the month of August this year. To ensure its implementation,  a  nine member high level committee has been  formed chaired by Shivshankar Oraon.

The committee has planned improve the infrastructure to create different departments for these nine languages  which  will also  help to generated new posts for the teaching  and non-teaching staff in all departments.

Though introduction of these nine  tribal languages are not new, but were taught in one TRL department which becomes difficult to manage all the students in one department for all the languages. So this decision of making different departments for  the nine  tribal languages have been   taken .

The nine tribal languages include   five tribal languages  which are Kudukh, Ho, Mundari, Khadia  and Santhali, while other 4  languages are the regional languages which are Nagpuri, Panchpargania , Kortha and Kurmali.

The decision taken by the Ranchi University authority is highly appreciated as it will encourage  the tribals  of Jharkhand to promote their language and give them an identity.