UGC Objection leads to delay in admission at SOL

The admission process of School of Open Learning (SOL), Delhi University, has been halted again as the proposed date, May 27, 2014, has been postponed by the admission committee. Earlier, University Grants Commission (UGC) has objected to Delhi University’s practice of running dual degrees – three year courses on SOL and four year undergraduate programmes. Thus, SOL is planning to restructure the programmes and even nomenclature. Bringing administration and teachers of SOL on a joint agreement for a plan to open 50 study centers in constituent colleges of the university would be another challenge.

SOL is planning to open 50 study centers in different colleges with a cost of Rs. 22.09 lakh per college. This also incorporates the decision to pay Rs. 25,000 to the principal over and above their salary as a part of remuneration. However, SOL teachers are against this plan as they allege that they were not consulted on this matter. Teachers are against the decision as they feel that proposal is meant for siphoning of SOL funds.