‘Audio-visuals That Aid Education’

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Joy Ghosh, Vice President, Edaxis

Joy Ghosh,
Vice President, Edaxis


Joy Ghosh, Vice President, Edaxis, in a tete-a-tete with Gandharv Walia of Elets News Network (ENN) talks about the use of audio-visual products in education sector

The use of audio-visual products 
in schools and colleges is a new phenomenon. When do you see the surge in demand for such products in these institutes?What are the various kinds of audio-visual products available in the market for education industry?
There are various types of audio-visual  products in the market. The most important one is the interactive whiteboard, which has been in India for 10-15 years. Initially, it was launched by a Canadabased company TeamBoard. I entered this company TeamBoard. I entered this segment at that time. Today, the most advanced product is interactive projector as instead of a white board, it uses a wall.
Edaxis has also launched ‘Onfingertip’, which is an all-in-one projector with an in-built computer.
Our products can’t be compared to low-cost projectors of various companies as our technology is far more superior and patented.
In schools, it is very difficult for the teachers to be audible to all the students. To solve this, we have come up with a unique solution called ‘Soundlight’. It is unique solution called ‘Soundlight’. It is a unique speaker, which uses Bluetooth technology and has a 20W powerful Denon speaker sufficient for a classroom of 70-80 students.
It has a rare feature, where music played through computer suppresses when the teacher in the classroom starts speaking and the music starts again when the teacher stops. It gives first priority to the speaker.

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These products are very popular nowadays in the schools and their demand will continue to grow in future. Our share in this market is very less. We only provide best products as they are an investment. We don’t sell products by befooling customers and have only a margin of two-three percent in selling the product. All our products are user friendly and have a life of more than six-seven years. This is the advantage of our products. These products are good for teaching a large number of students together in a better way.
We have a lot of appreciation letters from organisations like Indian Air Force, Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institutes of Management, Border Security Force, Indian Army, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, etc, which no other company can give.

In education sector, only 5% of the market has been captured till now. So, audio-visual products will beinstalled everywhere in the future

How do you see Indian market visavis other countries of the world?India is the world’s biggest market in education segment having 1.9 million schools and 30,000 higher educational institutions. India is the fourth largest economy in 2010 in terms of total GDP measured at purchasing power parity (PPP). India is home to 17 percent of the world’s population. We are second in terms of population in the world. Education is a sector, where business is never lean. As only five percent market has been captured till now, the audio-visual products will be installed everywhere in the future. The future is very bright. These products should also be used by government schools as it will make things interesting for students.

What are the challenges you face in India’s audio-visual education equipment market?
We want to educate people including customers and competitors that when they procure anything. they should argue in terms of quality rather than price.
If the quality is not good, you will not be able to use the product and will only face difficulties. It will be wastage of money and time. Our products work on 80 frames per second, whereas products of other companies work only on 20 frames per second. In our projector, two to 64 people can simultaneously work on wall.

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