WizIQ Learning Marketplace Making Education Easier

wiziqAmerican cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”
The only way to infuse inquisitiveness and curiosity amongst learners is to challenge the norms and develop a pedagogy that focuses on the learning and the overall student outcome; resulting in the ultimate progress of the society at large. In an age of change and disruption, WizIQ, with its novel concept of Learning Marketplace, presents a ray of hope for millions of Indian learners, who await a relief from the ambiguous nature of higher education in the country.

What is WizIQ Learning Market place?
Think of online shopping, except it’s for education. Learning Marketplace is an online, dynamic, open market that showcases courses offered by educators from all over the world. These courses can be enrolled into either for free or for a fee. All it takes to unlock this treasure of learning is a computer system with an internet connection.
The Learning Marketplace offers courses on a variety of subjects like business, finance, languages, lifestyle & wellness, music, project management, technology and a host of other topics. If you have a subject matter expertise in any subject, share it with the world of learners with the WizIQ Learning Marketplace.

Learning Marketplace for Educators
India is a country where teaching is considered the most noble of all professions. Yet, a teacher might just be the worst paid working professional in the country. No wonder, most young people opt for a private job in an MNC over teaching. This non-fulfillment of basic needs leaves the Indian education system crippled for want of quality teachers. So we ask: if teaching isyour higher calling, why limit yourself ?
Online education has ushered in a new dawn for teachers, one filled with new opportunities. The easy process of course creation and promotion via the WizIQ Learning marketplace allows online teachers to self-price their course and thus make profits.
A simple sign-up into your account on WizIQ ensures an end-to-end process, including:
• Creating your course
• Inviting learners
• Promoting your course on the WizIQ Learning marketplace
• Collecting payments
The Virtual Classroom and the advanced features of WizIQ make sure teaching for you is as smooth as if you were in a live, face-to-face classroom. Interact with your learners in real time, chat, share media and content files, assess them with tests and assignments, and much more, with WizIQ.

Learning Market place for Learners
Rising costs and deep-rooted commercialisation have made education in India, in terms of accessibility and availability, at par with real estate. Skyrocketing fee structure, politics and a missing sense of social responsibility are snatching a common man’s right to education.
As such, desperate times call for desperate measures. WizIQ Learning Marketplace is like a vast ocean of learning and education. Since the courses are online, anyone from anywhere can take them. All they need is an internet connection.
The competitiveness of the Learning Marketplace makes sure the online courses are priced right and hence are easily affordable for the average learner. This way, we make sure the accessibility of courses always remains high for learners.
The Learning Marketplace is a great blessing in disguise for working professionals. Many professionals, looking for jobs or already working, feel a constant need to update their skills.
WizIQ’s Learning Marketplace provides a total solution for busy professionals, providing the unique features of traditional classroom learning experiences such as face-to-face live instruction, assignments and lab work along with thestandard features of online learning, such as self-paced instruction including videos, presentations, tests, peer interaction, etc.

Learning Market place is Open for All
Learning Marketplace is the nexus of learning and teaching, and therefore is the right place for the learners and teachers to be in. If you are still unsure about the Learning Marketplace or would like to know more about WizIQ, feel free to write to Kalyan at kalyan@wiziq.com or speak at +91-9216405405 or +91-9897072888.

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