Heralding A Digital Revolution :: November 2014

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Guest Editorial

Preparing India for the Future


Shaping India, Shaping the Future

Cover Story

Heralding a Digital Revolution

Towards new-age Kerala

Heading towards Modernisation


Development Initiatives: The Pathway to ‘Skill India’

Exploring the possibilities with Online Education

Leader Speak

‘I expect wonders over the next three years’

‘Education policy needs structural changes’

‘Capacity building of teachers needs top priority’

‘Increasing GER without Employability Unwise’

‘Motivated Teachers are what We Lack’

‘Digital India should begin with higher education’

‘Technology a key Enabler’

Higher Education

India’s Achilles’ Heel


Opportunities Galore

Industry Speak

‘Resistance to change and mindsets key roadblocks’

Breaking Digital Barriers

‘Document security a global issue’

‘Skill Development is not aspirational’

‘Digital India needs Champions to Drive it Forward’

Execution is the key

Company Profile

Bringing World-Class Education to India

Special Feature Pre Schools

Who’s minding my baby?

‘No clear policy for standalone preschools’

‘Future holds tenfold growth in the organised sector’

World Class Education for Kids

‘Parenting is becoming more outsourced’

Structured approach to learning concepts

‘Preschools should not be Regulated’

Making Learning a Pleasure

‘Venture Capital Funds should be seen with Caution’

‘Child is the Centre of our Universe’

The ‘play way’ to education

‘Aim to reach small towns of India’

‘Regulations should not Act as a Disincentive’

‘SMARTKiDZ Perfect for My Mission’

Lead Feature

Providing Holistic Development


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