“Mathematics is fun”

IMGA crisis is an opportunity with a different name. When Imran Rashid, Founder & Managing Director, Learnix Edutech found during an interaction with some students at a school how they struggle with the mathematical concepts, he took upon himself to develop Logic Booster. A digitized application for classroom teaching, Logic Booster makes mathematics easier to understand in the schools. Imran takes Elets News Network down the memory lane.

  1. Give us a brief of the various reasons behind starting the venture.

When we started working in 2011, our aim was to prepare the school students for competitions like NTSE, JEE, etc. It was later that we realized that most of the students struggle with the basic mathematics taught to them in the school. Although they skipped the fundamentals to score better, it affected their performance in the long run.

This got us to work on something that helps the students understand the mathematical concepts better. Our passion led us to development of Logic Booster, which was launched last year. A digitized application for classroom teaching, Logic Booster adds another dimension to learning of mathematics in the schools. The desktop application consists of a clearly defined concept with several questions which trigger thinking. The application is basically a function of various classroom and group activities that boost interactive learning. Critical questions have been explained with the use of 2D/3D learning tools.

  1. What are the various difficulties/hurdles in doing business on the ground level?

Getting customers is not as easy as it looks in a business plan. It was a bit difficult to reach out to the customers at first but along the way I have learnt that if you have a product which is useful for people, you will get traction. Same holds true for the operations; planning is always the easy part, the problems lie in implementation. Every new day brings a new set of challenges and opportunities.

  1. What is the market size of the services offered by you in India at present?

With our current products, we are focusing on the top 20,000 schools across India with a market size of around $300 million.

  1. What is the major benefit for organizations / individuals adopting your solutions?

  Our students have shown considerable improvement not only in the academics but also in the competitive examinations. We encourage students to trust their abilities and actually learn while preparing for competitive examinations. Once they build on their fundamentals, they can beat any competition.

What is the vision of your company for next two years?Mathematics 

With our commitment towards making teaching and learning more effective through the introduction of technology, we look forward to implementing Logic Booster in 50 schools within the next two years. We are also coming up with a personalized solution to cater to the individual needs ofstudents. Technology is disrupting the way the students learn and are glad to be a part of. With 15 lakh schools and more than 24 crore students, the potential is exponential. We are going to improve the learning ecosystem for the better.

  1. What are the various methods you are using to increase the visibility of your organization?

We are conducting a series of free workshops to illustrate the importance of reasoning and the role that Logic Booster can play in improving mathematics. We are also providing demo content for a month to the premier schools. Soon, we will launch a social media campaign to engage the students, the teachers, the educators and the school management.

In order to promote our product, we conduct various competitions for the school students and award them with gifts and cash prizes. This year, we are inviting the school students over to IIT-BHU in association with Technex-2015.

  1. How do you differentiate your services from your competitors?

Some major players in the education industry have been successfully converting the traditional classes to smart classes equipped with Digital Teaching System. But some schools are unsure about what to do with the technology and consequently, the equipments go unused.

Logic Booster adds value to the learning process. By providing innovative digital content, we make use of the technology already available in schools to improve the cognitive abilities of students. There is a demand for providing personalised learning solutions and we are growing by leaps and bounds in that direction. Our product is the first of its kind which not only improves the logical skills of the students but also helps them in their academics, especially maths.

  1. How do you engage the customers? Can you cite any special case study?

One of the ways we engage with our customers is by providing them with exclusive content and solving problems together. To discuss one particular case, we had a situation where our client, The Aryan International School, needed our support in motivating and preparing its students for higher scores in JEE. Although we didn’t have immediate plans offering JEE preparations again, we found some brilliant guys from IIT-BHU who could assist the students at school. The fact that the students got to interact and learn from people studying at IIT inspired them to achieve more.

  1. What are the major stakeholders and sectors you are focusing on?

As of now, we are focusing on middle and high school students. We are also coming up with solutions for the primary school students. Currently we are targeting private schools in Tier I and Tier II cities. We are looking forward to working with the government in order to make our product accessible to all.

10. What are the various initiatives taken by your organization to emerge as a market leader?

As far as reasoning solutions are concerned, we hope to cash in on the early bird advantage. Currently we do not have any direct competitor and consequently, we are fast establishing a stronghold in UP and Bihar. Aware of need to grow vertically as well as horizontally, we are taking the necessary steps for our expansion.

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