‘Holistic Education from my Vantage Point’

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Darpan VasudevHolistic education takes place with the contribution of the parents and the schools. There is a need to understand the children’s emotional needs and capabilities before challenging their learning quotient. Darpan Vasudev, VP, Next Education shares with Elets News Network (ENN) on how parents can achieve their desired expectations with regards to their child education

career, one might be in a quandary to understand how it is possible to have a common framework for all, despite being cognizant of the fact that all of us are born with unique abilities, talents, competencies and aptitudes.

Furthermore, even if we assume that the calibration of education patterns is done keeping in mind the various types of apprentices’ basic needs, what happens to the conditioning at home and society because of prejudices, cultural belief systems and pressures that causes a variation in the child’s comprehension?

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Now, what I have mentioned here could be a well-known fact to many. However, the expectations of parents in terms of the outcome seem more or less the same. They all want their children to have the best of domino effect, irrespective of what potentially overbearing cost it brings along.

These expectations sometimes become obsessions and parents turn towards schools with high anticipations. Some even end up disparaging the institutions – who are in more ways than one helpless, because they have to fit in to the norm set by their governing bodies.

While those coming from highly learned and placed backgrounds have a firm reasoning on what they want to achieve. It is time, the others wake up and smell the coffee. We make our moves, model our behavioural patterns and alter our mindsets based on what we want to achieve.

We make our moves, model our behavioural patterns and alter our mindsets based on what we want to achieve

So, how do we know what we want to achieve with respect to our child? Follow the points mentioned:

  • If you think your child doesn’t listen to you, evaluate how many times you listen to the child? Maybe you are missing out on some unique quality that he/she possesses, only because YOU don’t listen;
  • Expose rather than impose – the various turfs vs the ones you are familiar with;
  • Determinedly substitute – job, career and future to pleasure, passion and present. Words have enormous power.

The quintessential holistic education takes place when the contribution of the parents is proportionally higher, without the expectations and predispositions of schools. You must seek first to understand your child’s emotional needs, then the capabilities, and finally challenge their cerebral, intellectual, spiritual and reasoning quotients. Attempt to make a person of values, who is giving in his/her intrinsic core first, all the other achievements will follow for sure.

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