LabIn App Empowering Education with Real-Time Simulations

Pavan Shinde, CEO, LabInApp speaks about LabInApp’s real-time 3D computer graphics technology promoting the ‘learn by doing’ pedagogy

What was the main drive behind starting LabInApp, a 3D Interactive Science Lab?
During our journey of 20 years in the field of education, we have come across lot of issues which need attention. One such problem, related to Science education is of practical learning. The science education in schools is mainly driven by theory classes, with little or nothing to do in practical labs, which results in loss of interest in the subject among students and teachers. Moreover, the students don’t get enough time in schools or colleges to explore the science experiments, leading to many doubts.
Hence, there is a need for a platform where students and teachers can perform science experiments at anytime, anywhere with lot of insight in the subject. This is possible with the powerful real-time simulation platform developed by us.
“Our mission is to empower every learner and teacher with real-time Simulations”
With this we started off our journey from an incubation center, CTIE located in KLE Tech University in Hubli, Karnataka.

What are the various hurdles encountered in doing business on ground level?
The biggest hurdle that stands in our way is to meet the key people or decision makers of schools, since our product is exclusively for the education sector. Very often it is not the Principal, who is the decision maker in such purchase offers. Another big hurdle is keeping everyone happy. The expectations of teachers, management heads, parents and students are different in the educational scenario. Fulfilling everyone’s demands is always a big challenge.
Winning the ‘StartEdu’ competition organized by Unitus Seed Fund (USF) and later partnering with Sylvant Advisors, an Education sector focussed strategic firm, founded by Anand Sudarshan and Madan Padaki, helped us in cracking many of the challenges mentioned above.

Who do you see as your target audience? What techniques are adopted by you for reaching them?
We are working in K-12 segment and our offerings are aligned to the curriculum of 9th to 12th standard. We are reaching out to our target audience, who are teachers and students, through channel partners, Education Service Providers, tab providers, DVD providers, book publishers etc.

What can be the major benefits for Institutions/ Individuals adopting your solutions?
Various benefits for Institutions as well as students are:

  • Fast revision of lab syllabus, without compromising on the learning factor in schools
  • Live demonstration of science concepts/experiments in the classroom by teacher, since every theory chapter is related with some hands on activities or experiments
  • Students can use LabInApp in school or at home without having to worry about availability of lab resources
  • They get to learn a lot of things in the LabInApp software before they go to the actual laboratories

Where do you see your company in 5 years time?
In few years from now learning is going to be more personal and even more interactive. With the current rate of penetration of smartphones and tablets in every region of the country, it is evident that these devices are going to be the platforms on which LabInApp has to run. We would like to see ourselves as leaders in providing real-time simulation in India.

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