‘Jumping Frog’ Synchronising Students, Parents and Teachers on a CLOUD-BASED PLATFORM

Rajesh Bakshi, Managing Director, NetSpec Global speaks regarding the company’s latest venture-“Jumping Frog’

Jumping Frog seems to be quite a unique name related to education. What motivated you to take on this name for your brand?
At NetSpec, we live, eat, sleep, and breathe education and think of ways to enhance the entire experience of learning more interesting and enriching for students. For this, we need to get deep into the psychology of the students to understand their state of mind and make them learn without giving any kind of a stress. We try to create ‘Digital Content’ with many multimedia images and videos which makes information more playful for students. Therefore, the name of ‘Jumping Frog’ fits into the psychology of the student as it seems as a fun game rather than any educational tool or a learning management system.

What is Jumping Frog all about? How does it act as a communication bridge between teachers, parents and students?
Jumping Frog is a comprehensive collaborative cloud based platform. Everything that happens in life span of the three major stakeholders in K-12 education, who are parents, teachers and students is automated on Jumping Frog. Within the collaboration, it has features like complete School Information system (SIS), Smart Grading and Report Cards, Digital Assignments and Homework. With all this data that we accumulate, it also gives a lot of analytics on the overall performance of the students individually and collectively. Besides collaboration, Jumping Frog has module on learning as Learning Management System (LMS), powerful assessments and it is also completely integrated with MS Office 365.

How has been the response towards it so far? What can you foresee about the future of Jumping Frog in India?
We had a tremendous response that is still leading on with bright output as we have catered to the needs of more than 1,00,000 students and 10,000 teachers. We, at Jumping Frog create solutions with students and teachers in mind. For students, our aim is to enhance their school experience beyond just academic learning. For teachers our focus is on efficiency of faculty by saving time, using state of art technology, thereby creating a more productive learning process.

Jumping Frog is built using Open Source technology with various modules incorporated in it, realising the need for a solution that is purposely built to fit the specific requirements of the education sector and overcoming the traditional pedagogy of educational system

Kindly share your views regarding competition. Do you see any competition for Jumping Frog?
Though there are many applications in the market but Jumping Frog caters entirely to the core needs of students, teachers and parents that make us stand visible among our present clientsl. Our educational apps are designed and developed to provide real-time collaborative learning and teaching experience to the students and teachers.

Where do you see Jumping Frog in 5 years time?
We are working in collaboration with Microsoft, INTEL and HP to popularise the concept. We see ourselves as a major domain catering to our clients with optimum results in next half a decade. Also, One Note App. is the most significant and organic change process ever in the school. It is seamless and keeps up with teachers. It provides the place to bring everyone together and helps focus and prioritise things.