December 2016

Academic Excellence

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As a way to promote academic excellence along with other skills, few schools ensure their authorities, teachers, and students work as a team in various activities or projects to offer their students a sense of leadership and maturity. Collaboration of work with proper division of labour is most important. Various departments are headed by experts in their own fields are assigned with different work to execute them effectively. There is coordination and synchronisation among the various departments for the smooth functioning of the institution.
Top schools lay down processes to ensure performance by their students, teaching staff and school administration. The schools ensure that systems and processes are defined and imbibed by the school administration so that no room is left for ambiguities. In order to ensure academic excellence, a close synergy is maintained between the school management, teachers, students and parents by following the best procedures and practices.

Students are also able to learn at their own pace because they have all the materials at their disposal. Moreover, instead of just teaching, teachers can guide students while the latter applies their understanding in discussion sessions. With our digital learning solution, we, at Next Education, facilitate a flipped classroom.
Beas Dev Ralhan, 
CEO, Next Education

While many schools excel in just one domain, top schools stress on the holistic development of each student, for example, Indraprastha group of schools admit each child with a motto ‘Teach each child, develop whole child’ that corroborates their vision of all-round growth of the personality of each student.
Sulochana Raja, Ryan International School, Mayur Vihar opined that diversified curriculum will help the schools to achieve academic excellence and develop the students holistically. According to her, “We encourage a curriculum where students not only develop critical and reflective thinking skills but also encourage them to have an empathetic view/outlook about classrooms of mixed ability students community services like contributions to orphanage, old age homes, adopting ‘Sapera Basti” ,food bucket challenge, rallies on cleanliness drive awaress on social issues. Value based education is imparted for a holistic and character development in students”.

As a progressive school  we believe that the multidisciplinary approach has become an important and challenging technique in shaping the curriculum.
Geeta Rajan, Principal, St Marks Sr Sec Public School

Explaining the methods followed for academic excellence in his school, Anit Arora, Principal, Cambridge International School, Dasuya, said,“The school has been using a very formalised structure with clear lines of authority from the top down. This is a hierarchical structure. The administrative team consists of an organized central head and then heads of different departments. The reporting is as per the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly action plan. The plans are executed in appropriate ways and the records are maintained meticulously. All the faculty members are made aware of all the concerns. For the better functioning of the administrative structure the feedback is taken from parents as well as faculty members.”
Geeta Rajan, Principal, St Marks Sr Sec Public School said, “As a progressive school we believe that the multi-disciplinary approach has become an important and challenging technique in shaping the curriculum. This approach synthesizes more than one discipline and creates team of teachers and students that enrich the overall educational experience. Students taught with this technique master higher order thinking skills. This is definitely the future of discovery and innovation. We assign such projects to our students and we have noticed an advancement in critical thinking, communication and creativity of the students”.


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