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With the passage of time the role of a teacher and expectations from them has changed. With students already being quite tech-savvy, it is expected that their teachers should be as much up to date as their pupils. They are expected to know the latest trends and their utility i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp. Teachers are today supposed to be well-versed with these modernday tools of communication.

A modern-day school ensures its faculty remains ahead of the times. This is the original reason why schools are paying close attention on training and support to both new and experienced educators. In top schools, teachers are encouraged and recognised for their innovation in teaching methodologies. Many schools encourage their teaching staff to undergo training before teaching and attend various workshops in a year.

Many schools stress on ensuring that a positive teacher-student relationship draws students into the process of learning and promote their desire to learn (assuming that the content material of the class is engaging, age-appropriate and apt for students’ skills level).

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About training of teachers in his school, Prajodh Rajan, CoFounder, Eurokids said, “Our teachers are presented with suggestive teaching strategies, teaching aids like relevant audio-video stimuli, and are given the freedom to draw from their professional and personal experience to make the programme both interesting contemporary and relevant. A 60-Hour teacher training programme is another measure that makes sure that our teachers have updated skills which in-turn ensures the holistic development of the children.”

According to Gita Parihar, Principal of Faizabad Public School, Faizabad, “Teachers influence the hearts and minds in ways few can. The true test of a school is the quality of its teachers. Teachers occupy such position of authority that students have to obey them. This position of power and privilege is open to use as well as to abuse. The abuse can take the form of teachers becoming authoritarian while using it at its best can transform the life of a child.

Teachers influence the hearts and minds in ways few can. The true test of a school is the quality of its teachers. Teachers occupy such position of authority that students have to obey them.
Gita Parihar, Principal of Faizabad Public School, Faizabad

“The future of a child is secure if she gets a right teacher. Teaches come across cases of hyperactive, attention deficit and indisciplined children almost on a daily basis and greet the challenges. Do the best work first time, every time. They delegate responsibilities to such children, teachers’ positive and caring attitude brings improvement and brings healthy co-ordination between teachers and students.”

There are schools which rope in experts to educate and train with the latest trends be in the field of academics or skills.

“For development of teachers, we have a well planned workshop schedule. We try to rope in experts to guide our teachers and to enable them to become more proficient in teaching, classroom management and child development,” said Navneet Jain, Director, MD International School, Bijnor. “Continuous monitoring of the marks attained by the students help in student’s development .”

Vaibhav Kapoor, Principal, Ajanta Public School said, “We train our teachers regularly on the new techniques, methodology and development in the field of education through various workshops, seminars, training and interactional sessions. Students are also provided with the worthwhile sessions to enlighten them on the important topics other than studies that are of utter significance like ethics, career counselling, motivational talks and interactional sessions with influential personalities”.

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