BrioTouch: Paving Way for Technology Based Learning

Technology, along with other areas has affected the education sector as well. New innovation has positively affected the teaching- learning process in schools and in educational institutes writes Gautam Khandpur, Director, Brio Interactive Technologies Pvt Ltd.

How modern methodology of imparting education is contribution in a positive manner?

It is very fortunate that India has found a way to excel its education system by the prevalence of day to day technology – Digital Classroom Solutions. Smart classes utilise all interactive features like concept based k-12 content, videos, clips, software, presentations and visually attractive methods of teaching. Variety of content is appealing to the students who are scuffling with the traditional methodology of teaching. Learning is a continuous and life-long process. Formal Education has its end but not the learning. It is important for schools to innovate new teaching methods and improve students’ learning through visual and interactive means. It will cultivate the habit and contribute positively to the learning process for students’ life and hence nurturing strong individuals who are assets to the society and to the country.  It will help in creating an aware and intelligent society. Smart classes have played a key role in improving the education environment of a school. Growth in number of activities of interactive solutions will impact the society and will reduce the manual effort of teachers.

How educating and learning methods are benefitting due to smart classrooms’ introduction into the Indian education system?

Smart classroom enhances the learning and teaching process for different subjects. It assists students to resolve complicated issues and provide them a booster to take life on a motivated path.  Moreover, smart classes promote interaction between teacher and student with active participation from both the sides. Smart learning has shown a dazzling and glaring side of even subjects like physics and mathematics to students with larger engagement of teachers. Active participation of teachers and students results into quick and enhanced learning.

Do you think the older method of classroom teaching has lost its meaning? What challenges do the present-day generation is facing with that? Is more innovative and evolving method of teaching is required?

Today when we are experiencing change in every aspect of life obviously the old “chalk and board” method also needs to be changed with adoption of new technologies. The old method of teaching practices is normally passive and facilitates rote learning and memorisation. A major challenge with the old method is that students who have grasping problems are unable to cope up with how the subjects are taught. Students who have IQ more than average also face problems since they do not find the lessons interesting or challenging enough in the old teaching methodology. Nowadays, a 2 year old child hears his lullaby on his/her dad’s mobile; they play games not on boards or in play grounds but on screens and apps. Hence, if we teach them in the format they understand, it becomes easier for them to co-relate. In Interactive classroom the visual images and concept based education brings more clarity and better understanding to the minds of these young children. There is a need to change how education is imparted to children, who are the bright future of India.

What is the scope for introducing smart classrooms in context of huge populace existing in rural landscape, especially when it is not succeeding to motivate kids towards learning

After installing over 10,000 interactive classes across Pan India Schools, I disagree with the idea that smart classroom is not encouraging enough to motivate kids towards learning. Interactive classroom teaching has succeeded in contributing to the learning in positive manner. In fact, the newer establishment of these technologies has helped kids by making learning easy and fun. It also has provided an opportunity to these children to interact more with teachers. As a result, kids feel free to interact more, rather than the traditional practice where whiteboard or chalkboard. The challenge is not that smart classes are not motivating kids enough rather it is the difficulty to reach out to these rural areas and providing the kids with new teaching methodologies. As a matter of fact many efforts are being taken by the government to provide digitalisation and equal opportunities to the students of small villages and towns as that of urban areas. Brio Touch has reached out in promoting digital education all over India including rural areas of UP and Bihar. We look forward to encourage more interactivity to Schools and colleges across rural and urban areas.

Are smart classrooms the smartest way to build a generation full of brilliance? 

As schools, colleges and businesses continue to adopt interactive technologies; smart classroom solutions are becoming more sophisticated and more cost effective at the same time. as teaching and presentation solutions. Current generation is growing with smart phones and tablets so the best way to reach out them is through Smart Technologies. Interactive technologies play an active role in developing and cultivating schools of the future by providing innovative, scalable and affordable solutions. Children no longer want to attend classes with the rote model … they are inquisitive, curious and want to understand why, how, where and accept information based on logical explanations and visual concepts. We need Innovation with vision and conviction to provide the expertise to shift the paradigm from simple chalkboards to the interactive curriculum.

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