Harvard Graduate School of Education ties up with Vega School of Gurugram


Harvard Graduate School of Education is soon going to tie up with Gurugram based  primary education school, Vega. Through tie up, a research programme will be set up by the Harvard in the Indian school to explore the various components vital to ‘retooling’ Indian students, to make them future ready.

Through the collaboration, both educational institutes will try to evaluate ambiguous and rigid educational structures that limit the latent potential in students. Christopher Williams, doctorate of education learship program, Harvard University said that Aaron Jennings, (Harvard Graduate School of Education), Himanshu Joshi (Columbia University Teachers College) and he had proposed a partnership with the school.

“There are similarities between the Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach at the school and some of the primary tenets and authors being studied in the Doctorate of Education Leadership Program (EdLD) at Harvard,” he said.

The three have discussed the broad gap between skill and job in India and took note of the open classroom approach adopted by the school to embed ‘real life’ skills in its students.

Sandy Hooda, cofounder of the Vega Schools said, “The research team will have members from both the schools study new paradigms which could possibly solve problems such as mass global unemployment and creating a new kind of workforce for the 21st century knowledge economy.”