Roadmap for preschools to be a Global Brand


Preschools are required to enhance their teaching and learning methods by following global standards says Amar Kapasi, Co-founder & Director, Planet Kids Preschools in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN).

What do you see as the main challenges for Preschool education today?

The main challenges to early childhood education stem out of the fact that majority of the pre-schools are not well equipped to satiate the curiosities of the 21st century new-age learners. Most of the schools are still stuck with the ‘has worked-will work’ paradigm, not waking up to the fact that curriculum’s and learning need to be progressive.

What are the qualities that define the best Preschool?

A good pre-school will be one which will create a perfect mix of traditional pedagogies and integrate with that the latest technological trends which will help the children grow up to be pro-active learners. The vision of the Management team, the training imparted to the staff, the collaboration with the parents as an active part of the child’s growth will be the determining factors which will set aside a top class pre-school vis-a-vis the others.

What sets apart a Preschool from others?

Good curriculum, passionate faculty, standard infrastructure, new age teaching methodologies, integration of technology in teaching and collaborating with the parents in the learning process will certainly set apart a pre-school from the others. Also, how a pre-school is able to use social media platform to reach out to larger audiences and connect to parents with a view point of educating them on child development and discussing new trends in the industry world-over.

How do you think safety and comfort of toddlers can be ensured with modern-day furniture in Preschool?

Safety can be ensured with usage of natural wood against particle board or MDF quality furniture. Also furniture having no sharp edges is ergonomically designed to seat the children and also interestingly designed to create curiosity in the minds of the kids.

How much surveillance is vital in modern times in Preschools? What methods ensure this?

Surveillance is very important these days in the basic matter of safety measures especially after the untowardly incidents happening at various schools across the country. CCTV cameras and police verified employees are the basic measures which need to be taken to ensure that the children are in a safe environment. Also the staff need to be regularly sensitized about handling the children with utmost care and dignity. Even the children need to be educated about good and bad touch at an early age.

Surveillance in other matters also is required to maintain the trade secrecy and avoid plagiarism which has become very rampant in these times.

Which major e learning apps which are used in prechools today for learning?

Cat in the hat, Curious George and the firefighters, Doodle math, endless alphabet etc are the mobile applications which may help toddlers in learning.

What are the investment opportunities in the preschool space in the country?

There is a huge investment opportunity in the pre-school space in the country as the families with dual incomes; higher disposable income and slowly moving towards nuclear family phenomenon have tremendously increased. The spending power of people in tier-2 and tier-3 cities of the country has also shown the potential for this industry. Parents of today themselves are well educated and well travelled across the globe and hence will certainly always be on the lookout for schools which bring in global standards of operations as well as methodologies in the learning domain. The industry will only grow in leaps and bounds and there certainly will be a good demand for preschools that adhere to quality and are dynamic and progressive in their approach.

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