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Committed to drive innovations and leadership in the education space, the WES-Bahrain 2017 special issue of Digital Learning magazine acknowledges and recognises outstanding achievers from world over. Following an independent and elaborate procedure, a team of experts evaluated and identified top entrepreneurs in education sector, innovators in the areas of teaching pedgogy, superior administrative and management practices, vocational education & training and assistive technologies in education, among others.

Edupreneur Award
Amit is a suave young entrepreneur and is determinedly committed to a journey which weaves ecological sensitivity in every aspect of its business and organisation.
His first initiative was setting up of a not for- profit organisation namely “Sidhartha Educational and Welfare Society” (SEWS). SEWS

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was primarily focused on elementary education and did everything to reach out to the lives of those who were deprived of any education system in the country.

Project Sharda, his another initiative acknowledges growing international commitment and consensus on women empowerment to make the communities and societies better.

Edupreneur Award
Arjumand Zaidi is a veteran social worker, a geographer, an environmentalist and an eminent educationist with a vision to empower the ecnomically weaker people of our society in terms of education, health, hygiene and make them well aware about important social issues like conservation of environment and forests, Human Rights Education Etc. She is the founding director of St Xavier’s Convent School, Gomtinagar and an NGO – Holy Vision International to serve the society.

Edupreneur Award
Joseph K Thomas ventured into establishing a K-12 school with the objective of providing high-quality education to students and grooming them to become responsible citizens at Mount Litera Zee School at Mysore. His vision behind establishing the school was; nurturing global citizenship in young people, enriching teaching and learning, foster team building, innovation and critical thinking.

Edupreneur Award
A double gold medalist of Delhi University, Dr Bakhshi has to his credit to eleven books as author/co-author and many as editor.
He has been recipient of several awards and academic honours along with “Capital Foundation National Award” for distinctive and outstanding contribution to education by former President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He has also chaired many government and public educational authorities in India.

Introducing Innovations in Teaching Pedagogy
AGU has developed platforms using latest leading softwares combining them all to call it an E-Learning Campus. E-Learning Campus involves multiple projects to ensure better learning outcomes. Some of them are:
UNIO: A cutting Edge Award winning classroom technology that makes the entire teaching learning process PAPERLESS.
DXR: It is a web-based patient’s simulation software that acts as a virtual hospital environment ecosystem.

Edupreneur Award
Dr Vimal Rarh is one of the pioneers in implementing e-learning at higher education for University of Delhi and national level. She has already been conferred with many awrds like the Special Award for the category “Digital Content in Education” at International conference cum exhibition “ World Didac 2014, award for outsatnding contribution in the field of e-learning at the “Global Education Summit” held on 21-22 october 2016. Recently she was conferred with “Delhi Ratan” state level award for her contributions in the field of education.

Best Hospitality & Hotel Management Institute in India Indian institute of Hotel Management provides varied, exciting, interesting and different career options to prospective and promising enthusiasts. Continuous and constant growth, steady diversification in the industry, presents ample opportunities for higher growth and development. The students enjoy the atmosphere of learning with the state of the art infrastructure coupled with faculties rich in knowledge and foreign visit.

Introducing Innovations in Teaching Pedagogy
Manipal University tries to leverage technology in a big way. The students and faculty are encouraged to take on-line courses like MOOCs to enhance their domain knowledge.
Education at the university is fully geared up in terms of its preparedness to impart the right type of skills and knowledge. The University has set up an Entrepreneurship Cell wherein many students and faculty learn about innovation, incubation, technology transfer, patenting and IPR.

Innovative Interventions in Pre-School Teaching & Learning
Brain Gym’s Positive Active Clear Energetic (PACE) exercises to ‘Activate the Learning’. PACE is a learning readiness sequence of exercises that prepare a child to receive learning and help their differing capabilities to better integrate with the classroom dynamics.
Parent counselling (Targeted interventions) ‘Excelerate’ Reading Programme, a systematic pre-school reading programme developed in-house comprising a set of 3 booklets act as first readers.

Impelling Innovation in Science, English and Maths Education
Nehru World School uses experiential learning pedagogy in order to achieve this vision. Through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education children get opportunities to engage authentically with learning.
Project work helps children collaborate and work on simulations of real life problems and situations. That creates interest and relevance.
Children engage in peer learning, discussion and collaboration.

Editor’s Choice for Academic Excellence
The school advocates continuous and comprehensive evaluation with an emphasis on holistic development of learners.
CIPS commits itself to providing a stress-free learning environment that will develop competent, confident and enterprising citizens who will promote harmony and peace.
CIPS defines appropriate approaches of academic activities to accustom students about the activities of international arena.

Global Collaborative Learning Environment
Activities right from the kindergarten section are designed to develop the skills of communication, critical thinking, confidence and collaboration. Students are encouraged to participate and excel in external exams of international standards like the International Olympiads, Microsoft exam etc. Latest technology is used to bring the world into the classroom and virtual field trips, Skype sessions and online competitions and connecting classroom project by the British Council are woven into the student’s schedule. The classroom teaching – learning process is ably supported by providing outdoor visits and educational tours and camps which broaden the students’ perspective of the world outside.

Innovative Interventions in Pre- School Teaching & Learning
At GIIS, the Global Montessori Plus programme (GMP) opens up the possibilities for each individual child to learn and develop at the pace which is right for each individual child. that make a significant beneficial difference in the learning process are: Multi-faceted learning through Multiple Intelligences; ‘i-Care’ Programme focused approach to create environmental consciousness; Excelerate’ Programme – An accelerated programme for literacy; Play and learn to encourage creativity; Value-based learning inculcating universal values and ethics.

Introducing Innovations in Teaching Pedagogy
The key facets of evolution of learning eco system at Golden Bells can be definitely classified at Multiple Intelligence (MI) based curriculum and the teaching pedagogy adopted through experiential learning. Students are taught in the most adaptive and unorganized way through the implementation of the MI profiling.

Introducing Innovations in Teaching Pedagogy
At DALIMSS, digitalized education through smart books creates the ambience to impart the skills. To motivate the passive learners, a learning chain is followed that involves the hierarchy of fellow students, subject teachers, principal and the management. Interest and participation has increased manifold. That becomes quite apparent in various competition and activities.

Introducing Innovations in Teaching Pedagogy
Edify school tries to develop a positive learning environment to inculcate discipline and leadership qualities among children. The school has an excellent infrastructure and equipped with Audio- Visual — Science and computer Lab, smart classrooms in all sections and temperature controlled classrooms. The school also provides specialized career counseling to its students and through “Students Exchange Programme”, the students get International exposure as well.

Innovation in Vocational Education and Technology World’s First “Speak and Learn” feature for learners to “Talk” to the app and practice English and other skills that have moved the classroom into the hands of the potential learners. “SkillFone” is completely multilingual with world language translation and voice support (Including Arabic)
Supports more than 100 skill courses Recently incorporated augmented reality and virtual reality innovations.

Innovative School Administrative and Management Systems
Learning Wings Education System (LWES) schools were the first to create human-friendly technological school support programs. First schools to work on Linux and use open offices. Schools are managed by set standard policies, the administration is shared and is layered between various areas of work. School decisions are taken by committees having representation from all, teachers, parents and administration. Heads of the schools supported by the staff with an aim of making learning joyous and fruitful.

Use of Assistive Technologies in Education
Copyrobo is the first full-service, consumer-oriented copyright service company applicable to clients throughout the world. Works on both Android and iOS platforms, as well as the web, as the first mobile timestamp application
Integrates with many popular services for ease of use, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Introduces the Ownership Signature, a customizable ownership signature that is protected by the timestamp together with the original file.


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