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There has been a considerable increase in the number of private educational consultancies on the rise, the major challenge is to make clients realise how different are we from our competitors. Also, another major challenge is to establish our credibility in the market where a few unfortunate cases of fraudulence are still on the rise. Apart from this, another challenge is to show compliance with both the university and Government regulations and this has been achieved by legally registering the company, thereby establishing compliance.

Christopher Prasad Haridass CEO and Founder Bezalel Institute for Higher Education Pvt Ltd

Christopher Prasad Haridass, CEO and Founder, Bezalel Institute for Higher Education Pvt Ltd

In terms of spoken language training centers, a major challenge is being unable to assess individual student’s need and cater to that specific need because unlike textbook-based English learning, spoken language training has to meet the need of students across a diverse age group and competency levels.

In the language training center at Bezalel, the one innovative method we blindly believe is customised curriculum, as this helps in catering to the needs of students, professionals and the like, according to the purpose for which they decide to take up any specific training course. Also a wide range of available techniques and technology is used for achieving maximum results.

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In a world of competition, innovation not only helps the organisation but also the students in achieving the maximum return for the money invested. Thus, a user-friendly interface for students and agents to provide a hasslefree process for student registration, university application, document submission, fee payment etc, with individual login is provided. Another service unique to Bezalel is that we provide student support throughout the university tenure including a local guardian.

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