Ebix Smartclass Flipping the Education Paradigm

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Ebix Smartclass

SmartclassFormal education as we knew it is fast approaching its tipping point. A model that has since inception been dominated by the brick and mortar model is changing so fast, it will be unrecognizable within the next decade. While schools will exist, and teaching will continue pretty much as before, learning will morph dramatically – as evidenced already in the switch to digital technologies.

Digital learning is also changing dramatically. From digital classrooms and customised content and dynamic assessment and instruction, it is now converging to on-demand, real time accessibility. Mobile telephony, tablets, mobile phones, streaming services, internet penetration and smartphones are cumulatively transforming the learning landscape like never before. Students can now learn on the go, learn at will and revise at their own pace.

To this milieu, we can now add a new generation app like Fliplearn Prime, an award winning smart class platform, which has introduced an innovative learning algorithm for customized online education that makes learning a breeze, almost literally. For example, a student can access Fliplearn Prime anytime any place and scroll down its vast resource base of content which includes concept explanations, multimedia graphic presentations of subjects, mock tests, revision papers all in tandem with their specific class course.

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Designed by top educationists of the country, Flipelearn Prime is a device agnostic and can be accessed from any android mobile phone or IOS. The content provided is completely mapped to the school curriculum and is available for all subjects, classes, and boards. Over one hundred thousand animation videos and hundreds of practice questions of each chapter, all available at a click of a button. The courses are strategically crafted to ensure understanding of fundamental concepts. It provides mind maps for improving a child’s IQ and comprehensive topic synopsis for quick revision at a moment’s notice.

Principals, Teachers, and academic counsellors have acknowledged the role of apps like Fliplearn Prime in improving academic performance of students. Mrs. Vani Gopal, Principal, St. Philomena Public School, Bangalore says that they found that students exhibit deeper engagement with subjects, more alertness, and a better comprehension thanks to Fliplearn Prime. Students too vouch for its efficacy as their grades improve, their peer group performance collectively rises. Consequently, the class performance and the school’s caliber improve.

In a flipped classroom, students watch online lectures, collaborate in online discussions, carry out research at home and engage in concepts and activities in the classroom with the guidance of a teacher. This methodology helps make the classroom teaching more productive and efficient. Students are deeply engaged in the lessons and fascinated by the information that makes learning so much easier for them.

Fliplearn Prime ushers education into a new era of learning. Students now have the opportunity to improve themselves through personalized learning with a joyful and stress-free learning experience. It stands to reason therefore that in a really short period of time, Fliplearn Prime has become the leading platform for online education in India with over 3500 schools and over 3.4 million students using the platform.

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