IIT Kharagpur wins DSCI Excellence Award for Cyber Security Education

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has won the DSCI Excellence Award 2018 for cyber security education by Data Security Council of India (DSCI).

In an official statement by IIT Kharagpur, it is stated that the institute bagged the award due to its focused curricula and research work in cryptography, hardware security, cyber security, network security. It has helped to create awareness among students of the institute.

“Our research and coursework in cyber security, network security and cryptography are targeted towards delivering the necessary technologies and also creating leaders in research, industry and governance who would bring forward such transformation in India which is undergoing the digital revolution right now as we talk,” Director, IIT KGP, Prof PP Chakrabarti said.

Research ventures of IIT kharagpur’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering and various courses in the areas of cyber security, IoT (Internet of Things) security and associated areas in artificial intelligence are among the reasons for the institute to grab the award.

The research ventures included The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)-funded projects on developing lightweight protocols for authenticating IoT nodes, IC reverse engineering and trojan detection and the DST-funded “Swarnajayanti” project on secure authentication protocols for smart grids, institute sources said.