SchoolHandy: Enhancing Parents-School Connect

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SchoolHandy is a unique platform for real-time communication and exchanging information that enables real-time and seamless communication between schools, teachers and parents, says Chirag Palande, Founder and CEO, SchoolHandy, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

It looks SchoolHandy comes very handy in case of parents missing any education-related useful information. What inspired you to introduce such a useful app?

Chirag Palande, Founder and CEO, SchoolHandy

Chirag Palande, Founder and CEO, SchoolHandy

The thought of introducing SchoolHandy came over a dinner table discussion. We as a parent were conversing about the communication gap between schools, teachers and parents and the possible solution for bridging the existing gap to get more involved in our daughters’ academic progress.

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Today, in spite of the advent of internet, social media, apps and smartphones have revolutionised the way we communicate, there still is a large gap while communicating between schools and parents. Hence, we came up with an idea of bridging this gap by introducing SchoolHandy.

SchoolHandy is a unique platform for real-time communication and exchanging information. It has cutting-edge technology that enables real-time and seamless communication between schools, teachers and parents.

How would you describe SchoolHandy app? Do you feel such an innovative approach is the need of the hour?

SchoolHandy is a comprehensive cloud-based application. The app helps you stay connected via digital communications and real-time chat forums. It is designed as a perfect tool because kids do not always relay important messages and parents do not always remember every notice that schools issues.

It is vital to address the growing concern over the safety of kids and the quest for increased interaction between parents and teachers regarding knowledge on the kid’s development at school. That was the motivation for developing SchoolHandy.

What are the prominent features of this app?

Being home to a gamut of services, this online school ERP system enables users to access multiple functionalities available on the App once they register. It helps teachers in recording attendance in a hassle-free manner with its online attendance management system. It also helps parents in receiving important notices that schools send from time to time which the children may fail to notice. This enables parents to monitor school activities resulting in better preparation of children, avoiding the last-minute rush. Most importantly, SchoolHandy has a “Live School Bus Tracking” feature. It means both parents and school authorities would be in a position to track the movement of children on their way to school and on their trip back home.

This unique App also provides one-to-one chat platform and real-time update on forum discussions. This feature results in quicker resolution of queries. SchoolHandy also comes with the option of paying fee online.

Please share your vision with regards to SchoolHandy app.

Our vision is to grow SchoolHandy as a No.1 technology platform in the country to aid the quality of education, embracing changing technologies and leaning latest developments orbiting around the needs of students, parents and teachers.

With the concept of Mobile Kids gaining currency, do you think apps can be an ultimate game changer in education?

It is an undeniable fact that parents’ expectations vis-à-vis society has been having a peaking effect on children. We often come across reports about children crumbling under pressure and fear. So, it is time we find out innovative solutions for making learning exciting and smarter for children.

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