St. Teresa School – Fostering Optimism, to Prepare Future-ready Leaders

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St. Teresa School intends to make its students full of optimism so that they develop positive traits and thus enrich their skills consistently, says R R Khanna, Director, St. Teresa School, and Vijay Kumar Gulati, Director, St. Teresa School, Ghaziabad, in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN).

What is the vision and mission of the school?

R R Khanna, Director, St. Teresa School, Ghaziabad

R R Khanna, Director, St. Teresa School, Ghaziabad

Vijay Kumar Gulati, Director, St. Teresa School, Ghaziabad

Vijay Kumar Gulati, Director, St. Teresa School, Ghaziabad

St. Teresa, with its motto of trust, serve and love, focus on value education so that the students are reinforced with the conviction to achieve their maximum potential. St. Teresa aspires to enable each child to handle the vicissitudes of the life boldly by providing an amalgamation of ethics and values. Such a blend of embellished and ethical education empowers students to deal effectively with their environment, and successfully discerning available opportunities for a balanced, humanitarian and empathetic approach.

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Education for us is not just the knowledge from books and learning about morals and values, rather it is more about infusing moral principles in a child. The prime focus of the school is to transform the tedium of classroom teaching into a creative and experiential learning process through our rigorous student centric approach.

What practices does St. Teresa School follow to boost students’ innate talent and potential?

We are committed to nurturing our students as the ones who can serve the society. To fulfil the learning needs of every student, we have adopted a diagnostic approach and allotted first 50 minutes of each day for the same. During this time, teachers assess weak areas of students to work upon, resulting into transformation of an individual as a confident graduate than being a dependent individual. It also helps us to connect with the students individually and assess their learning levels.

Our prime focus is on self-driven learning of different topics. It is done by stimulating curiosity among students. The research done by students to understand a topic helps them to resolve their queries automatically and learn a concept in the best possible way.

Peer instruction, group discussions, and collaborative problem solving is actively taken upon by involving all the students of a class directly. Such activities provide students a platform that recognises their approach towards any challenge or problem.

St. Teresa, with its motto of trust, serve, and love, focuses on value education so that the students are reinforced with the conviction to achieve their maximum potential.

What sort of Information Technology (IT) based solutions have been adapted by St. Teresa School to improvise learning experience for students?

As being committed to groom the students with all possible aids, Information Technology is included in school curriculum not only as a subject but as medium of imparting education and active learning. Our school is equipped with smart boards, projectors, language and computer labs. Technology is very helpful for students to learn languages, concepts of science, mathematics and social sciences. In our 3D Science Theatre, we have adapted flip learn technique.

Our teachers are connected with parent through Edumagix App for online exchange of student related information. In addition to that, comprehensive CCTV surveillance of campus, GPS & CCTV enabled buses ensure safety of enrolled students.

What measures have been undertaken by the St. Teresa School to keep its teachers abreast with the latest methodologies and teaching paradigms for students’ grooming as future leaders?

To nurture confident personalities, a school requires efficient and well trained mentors. For this, the school organises in-house seminars for teachers with renowned guides to train them. The school also ensures participation of teachers in seminars and workshops organised by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It helps teachers to upgrade their skills and provide them an edge over others.

How is St. Teresa School working on nurturing life skills s they are being encouraged across the globe along with studies?

For holistic development of students, it is important to inculcate life skills among students along with academics. We have a wide array of curricular and extracurricular programmes to develop students with multi-faceted personalities.

Our physical education programme is designed to inculcate the true sportsman spirit and discipline. We support students to nurture their hidden talents, making them a global citizen aiming at providing international exposure to our students.

Our collaboration with Ghana, Nigeria, Jordan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Malaysia is an opportunity for the students to imbibe best global practices. As we are resolute to shape out globally competitive students, our approach includes diverse ways of improvement and perfection. We have also collaborated with The International Award for Young People (IAYP) and Ted-Ed for the same.

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