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Birla Open Minds School Facilitating Progressive Education

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We follow thematic curriculum which is developmentally appropriate and based on the best practices in the field of early childhood care and education, says Pratima Sinha, CEO, DSR Educational Society, in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN).

What is the genesis behind DSR Education Society? How is society planning to contribute in transforming the Indian education ecosystem?

Pratima Sinha, CEO, DSR Educational Society

Pratima Sinha, CEO, DSR Educational Society

DSR Educational Society has prepared a stage where students learn to question not just out of curiosity rather to be a part of the change that the world awaits. The society in association with the Birla Edutech Limited has formed Birla Open Minds International School. With an avant-garde curriculum structure, learning at Birla Open Minds stays in tune with the changing needs of the world we live in.

What are the educational practices adopted by schools and preschools under DSR’s umbrella to develop a high-quality education system?

The society has integrated various best practices from the well researched IB, Cambridge, Montessori and Walldorf curriculums in the primary and middle-school years. The innovative practices include:

  • Providing a curriculum that is activity-based wherein students get hands on training in every subject.
  • Learning is not restricted to the classrooms. Students are allowed to use open-space of the school to enhance their learning.
  • The school has special programmes to enhance students’ practical understanding in English, Science and Mathematics.
  • These programmes nurture students with skills required to be successful in the rapidly transforming world.
  • Students are trained in 21st century skills required for them to understand the dynamics of the world.
  • Integrated Learning Studies is an in-house programme of Birla Open Minds, Hyderabad, which unites a topic to its counterpart in Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and English.

In the rapidly evolving education system across the globe, how Birla Open Minds Preschools and Schools are using technology to impart education at par with global standards?

The advancement in technology is so rapid that it is nothing less than a race and therefore it’s a challenge for every school to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it is about exploring the ideas on data interpretations or an enhanced understanding of Artificial Intelligence or Cloud Computing, DSR education society still leaves a mark. Our students are introduced to the world of Robotics and about creating principles that can help create fail-safe algorithms for its use.

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What curriculum related innovations are adopted by the schools?

DSR Educational Society has adopted BEL curriculum. IT is developed by eminent psychologists and industry experts. It takes into account the progressive growth of the child and provides theme-based curriculum to nurture a child’s academic and socio-cultural intellect. The theme is universal and at the core across the scholastic and co-scholastic planning. The curriculum is designed to entice the students with curiosity to take a plunge in studies and explore with deep interest.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is all set to occur in a big way soon, what can be its impact on the Indian education system?

Learning to thrive in a transforming world needs to be the USP of the education system today. This revolution for sure is going to create new job profiles which were unknown till now. The question is are we prepared for such rapid changes, are we as educationist giving this a serious thought? Yes, Indian Education System is not far behind, it understands the need of the hour, the new skills that need to be imbibed in the future generation to be able to take on the Industrial Revolution 4.0 with ease.


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