Indians, top beneficiaries of Canada Government’s skill programme

information technology sector

India’s tech talents are the biggest beneficiaries of Global Skills Strategy (GSS) launched by the Canadian Government in June 2017. The GSS is aimed to meet the Canada’s skill demand, especially in the information technology sector.

IRCC spokesperson Rémi Larivière said, “The objective of the GSS is to allow companies to access the top talent by getting high-skilled workers into our country at faster rate.”

The programme invites the tech talent from across the globe to work in Canada. Indian citizens appear to have taken advantage of the opportunity.

So far, the Canadian Government has approved a total of 17,312 work permits of which more than half of the work permits i.e. 9,462 are of Indians. With 1,420 work permits, China is at second position, revealed the data provided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) at the end of December 2018.

Pleased with the success of the scheme, the Canadian Government has now made it permanent.

The top five areas that have attracted the talent are all related to the knowledge economy: Computer analysts and consultants, interactive media programmers and developers, university professors and lecturers, software engineers, and those in the info systems and data processing space.