Seth MR Jaipuria Schools: Nurturing Children the Futuristic Way

Shreevats Jaipuria

Seth M R Jaipuria Schools focuses on nurturing future leaders by imparting quality education to its students, says Shreevats Jaipuria, Vice Chairman, Seth M R Jaipuria Schools and Jaipuria Institute of Management, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

What are the prime objectives of the Seth MR Jaipuria Schools, as a group?

We want to make high quality, national level education and training accessible to students and teachers across maximum number of towns and cities of India. We are not limiting ourselves to a few towns and cities, or metropolitan areas. There is both an opportunity and a necessity of taking private school education to smaller towns without compromising quality. We foresee a bulk of growth, as well as requirement for high end education coming from Tier 2 / Tier 3 cities of India.

How is Jaipuria Group different? What values are students imbibing?

Thinking; Commitment; Creativity; Originality; Enthusiasm; Empathy; Values; are some of the values we are committed to. Students always remain at the centre of the teaching-learning process. An academic institute should stand for dreams, building of character & skills, and defining a person’s life. Few years that a student spends with us would ‘shape or break’ that individual, so there is great power and greater responsibility in the hands of the Institute. Similarly, the time a professional spends at the Institute would provide for scaling new heights, surpassing unprecedented horizons and success un-told in spheres un-explored. We take this commitment very seriously, and are leaving no stone un-turned to achieve this.

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Kindly elaborate on your teaching pedagogy.

Thirst for learning is what guides all educators at Jaipuria. We want to help create new generation of responsible business and social leaders that will help the world at large be proactive to meet the global challenges of the 21st century and surpass beyond the realms of the ordinary. Learners can be motivated and groomed for leadership by firstly recognising them as leaders, and they are needed to be empowered. We have successfully created a model which is scalable, measurable and replicable on the non-academic side, and basic processes and tools of academics also documented and driven by process.

Lessons Plans – We have created detailed lesson plans for each class room period from pre-primary to Class 12 running into hundreds of thousands of pages, which give teachers a quick idea/ roadmap or pedagogy to involve students in learnings for that day.

Teacher Training – We are highly focused on teacher training and organise both central and at site training across subject and pedagogy regularly for our teachers.

Student Opportunities – Given our scale, we create many opportunities for students to compete with each other across academic, co-curricular and sporting activities at our flagship events. Every year, tens of thousands of students from across our 24 schools take part in a variety of events and activities.Nurturing Children the Futuristic Way

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What are the achievements of your school chain?

Over the past 6 years we have grown from 1 to 25 schools across 19 cities. We continue to grow at 5-6 new schools per year. We are happy to be recognized as school of greater good by university of Berkeley in California and Indian School Chain of the Year by Indian Education Congress. We have been recognised by Fortune as one of the future 50 schools of India. ELETS has recognised our schools as one of the best in the country.

What are your future growth and development plans?

Our objective is to be present in every district within the geographical region we operate in, and provide education that is transformative and different from other existing schools.

What differentiates Jaipuria from other schools?

“A Group that would want to groom leaders and not merely churn out graduates.” Imparting and acquiring skill sets is a routine process and can be on a self learning mode or through gazillion training companies at every nook and corner. But the experience, diversity and differential thinking brought in by the various quality elements associated with a learning Institute defines it largely. Jaipuria is thereby taking steps in the right direction.

“Our approach is combining management principles with development methodologies to provide for rich array of resources to maximize achievement in any sphere of life. The biggest advantage is that this approach provides for a lifelong platform for growth.”

Please briefly explain the model of value delivery to a student adopted by the Jaipuria Schools.

The focus is on overall transformation of the student, not merely provide them with age old tools to be ready for the real world or ‘get a job’. Our approach is combining management principles with development methodologies to provide for rich array of resources to maximize achievement in any sphere of life. The biggest advantage is that this approach provides for a lifelong platform for growth. The biggest disadvantage is that the society at large assumes the transformation approach as imitable, thereby providing bottlenecks in the process.

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How much does the student’s contribution affect the training process?

A Group that would want to groom leaders and not Training is a minimalistic action providing student with a skill set or imparting information for a set of actions. The focus should be on overall erudition, value-adds, character definition and transformation.

The faculty’s role is that of a facilitator, merely shepherding the students through the valleys of darkness, awakening life’s lessons for catapulting to greatness. The sessions are designed in a manner for the student to contribute in the most substantial manner possible. Experiential learning, workshops, discussions, real-time analysis, research, industry and society interaction, case studies, and experience sharing enables students to form a close-knit diverse and expert group of peers and provide for learning opportunities from all quarters. Therefore, the faculty merely plays the role of the guide- the path is tread-for by the student themselves. We are a learner centric Institution that provides opportunities for academic, technical and life-long learning in a collaborative culture dedicated to arouse curiosity, results and excellence.

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