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“Maths stinks”

Heard this lately? If you have kids, you’ve probably heard that phrase — or maybe you’ve even uttered some variant of it yourself. Hard maths and maths related physics problems have bogged down students and educators since forever. Due to inadequacy of school education systems to cater to resolve doubts to solve difficult problems, coaching classes and private tutoring market has emerged. And it’s really big! Global private tutoring market is projected to surpass $272 billion by 2022. However, an impeded learning process with no suitable help is demotivating for students. Multiple lackluster attempts to help students using technology have failed to create an impact; mostly because these tools do not help in developing a real insight in problem solution, from a student’s perspective. Getting STUCK is like a hump on the road and at times a wall too! It even undermines the student’s self-confidence & motivation until he solves that problem.

A new startup, SolveitNOW is all set to revolutionize this paradigm by providing a brain science + AI based application that will help students connect horizontally across classes/ colleges and even countries to learn and master the art of getting “unstuck” while facing a challenging problem. We all have experienced the ‘joy of solving’ – the exhilaration & the morale-boosting moment when the solution to the complex problem we have been struggling with, unfolds itself, layer by layer.

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What’s New?

SolveitNOW has been developed after years of brain science research and real-life simulations wherein, students who were stuck on a tough problem found a path to getting elegant and insightful solutions using smart hints provided by experts. SolveitNOW’s founder Mr.Shekhar stressed that “It’s built for solvers, so that participants engage in Asynchronous conversations that help them gather thoughts and present (their) best selves with ZERO stress”.

It is a Phone-based APP that the participants download on their smartphones & use to ask or solve complex problems. The application is built with a core focus on elegance, not only does it provide a “solution” to the problem but it also trains students in how-to-solve-it, intuitively. In fact, it is the students who train each other via meaningful arguments & discussions over study doubts. Very few problems are solved by designated “experts”.

How’s it different?

  • While most ventures in this domain are focussed on tutoring, SolveitNOW is focussed on giving students Guided Insight Discovery. There are no video lectures, no question banks and no designated chat boxes. The application simply translates the real life experience of friends helping out each other in solving complex doubts. That means teaching students “to embrace a challenge”.
  • The application works on peer to peer technology. All that the students have to do is to click a photo of their doubt, send it to their friends for discussion and mention their “point- of-confusion”. “You see the effort as a path to improving, and you learn from feedback.” Only a handful of problems that remain unsolved in the network for long, are answered by experts.
  • The entire process is asynchronous – each participant tackles the problem at his own convenient time and there are no rigid timelines. Solvers get enough time to ponder upon complex doubts which remain largely unsolved on most other platforms.
  • SolveitNOW is built for doers and is super easy to use. More importantly, it enables FREE communication with peers and near-free access to Global Network of Solvers.

What’s the initial target market?

We believe: “Developing good maths skills is essential to success in life.” Hence we focus on bright high-school and college level students. These students are literate on social media and will be quick to adopt. In this competitive environment, each little edge over others is very important for career progress & job satisfaction. – the bright kids would find this platform very helpful/satisfying.

What’s the competitive landscape?

This is a huge Global-scale market well recognised by several venture funded companies, offering online services to help students in their study needs.

Content Apps Tutoring Apps Social Learning Apps
Khan Academy Quora
Chegg GotItApp Brainly
Doubtnut TopprDoubts – HashLearn
Socratic SnapAsk
WolframAlpha Vedantu

We’re uniquely positioned as a Social Problem-solving app, and students will find our app complimentary. We’ll pursue this opportunity aggressively by engaging schools and on-boarding student communities on SolveitNOW.

The journey so far

Since the rollout of its Android application on the PlayStore in 2018, SolveitNOW has grown into a 13K strong community of solvers and satisfied students who engage in study discussions on the application on a near daily basis. The best part about this growth story is the fact that it has been completely organic – thereby proving its basic strength & authenticity.

What lies ahead?

Team SolveitNOW stands firmly committed to its mission of helping more and more students get “unstuck”. Gone are the days of old-school tutoring; Go SolveitNOW to experience the magic yourself at

Author Article By Snehal S Tomar, Chandra K Jain

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