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7 Reasons for Choosing a Career in Infrastructure Development Management

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Dr Pratima Sheorey

A strong, modern, sustainable and well-functioning infrastructure is the pillar of any country’s socio-economic growth. Currently, India is witnessing a boom in the infrastructure sector, and it is poised for exponential growth for several decades to come. There is no doubt that it will also create several job opportunities.

A career in infrastructure development is highly recommended if you find it interesting and challenging. These days, there are even niche courses such as MBA in infrastructure development management that can enable you to acquire necessary knowledge and skills required for this sector. The following reasons should help you to make an informed decision regarding pursuing a career in infrastructure industry.

Rewarding Career Prospects

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Both Indian and global infrastructure sector are on a fast-track growth. It is projected that India will secure the position of the third-largest construction industry on the global map by 2022 and its real estate sector will become USD 1 trillion by 2030. As far as the global estimates are concerned, infrastructure investment needs to reach $94 trillion by 2040 to meet the demands of rapid urban migration and population growth. This means that you can pursue a rewarding career in this sector not only in India but also seek offshore employment opportunities through cross-country projects. You can showcase international experience on your resume and strengthen your market value in the job landscape.

Competitive Compensation

There is a high demand for infrastructure development management professionals, but there is a shortage of supply of qualified and skilled talent. Infrastructure companies are reaching out to existing professionals by offering them handsome salaries and perks to get them on board. As you begin to gain experience and expertise or upgrade your skills, you can negotiate higher compensation packages.

Job Satisfaction

Most people face job dissatisfaction at some point in time in their career. However, the infrastructure sector is a career-driven by a meaningful purpose and sense of achievement. There is an emotional connect in what you do because you are making people’s lives better and contributing to the progress of nation.

Varied Scope of Career Choices

There is no dearth of career options in the infrastructure sector. You can pursue a career in hardcore project management, finance management, commercial marketing, project consultancy, business development, technology, law and regulation or policy making, Moreover, infrastructure sector is broadly subdivided into various categories such as transportation, renewable energy, power generation, water, telecommunications, waste management, smart cities and many more – you can choose the domain that suits your academic background, specialization or liking.

Job Security

In today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, infrastructure is one of the rare sectors which are least likely to be affected by pink slips or economic downturn. There is a dire need for reliable infrastructure to accommodate the needs of the growing population and connect supply chains to overcome geographical barriers for businesses. Infrastructure is going to be an ongoing activity. Governments make necessary support interventions when there is the slightest possibility of recession. So, you can rest assured about job security.

Professional Growth

Infrastructure sector is a huge sector with projects of varying size, nature and complexity. As long as you do your job with responsibility and continuously stay updated with upcoming trends, there is hardly any chance of stagnation in career. There are always new and exciting challenges to work on. You can easily make vertical or lateral career advancement moves, as your job permits.

Entrepreneurship as a Career

While the governments, public sector and private sector undertakings are doing their best to address the infrastructure gap in the economy, there is lack of innovation and smart ideas. Hence, there is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups to bridge this gap. If you have a business idea/model that can solve any problem in this sector, you can think about taking a plunge in entrepreneurship. These days, several entrepreneurs are making news for providing green infrastructure – a sustainable business approach that maintains the ecological balance of the nature and effective utilization of resources using modern technologies.

Infrastructure development management professionals are touted to become the indispensable workforce of the future. There is no time than now to begin your career in this sector.

The article is authored by By Dr. Pratima Sheorey, Director, Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD), Pune

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