Why School education crucial for child development?

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School education crucial for child development

The children of today, having spent most of their precious time in schools is adapting to be the future stars of tomorrow. It is important to build and nurture them with the right piece of information and equip them with tools to be better human beings.

In today’s time, a child should be inculcated with the overall learning process as it is highly beneficial in shaping their personality, their approach towards every situation of life. With the entirely different knowledge process from the past, schools today, are able to deliver an ocean of progress. Students are provided with access to new ideas, including science and language, and are given the opportunity to learn more about world cultures, geography, and personal history.

Why is education important?

Education is no more a means to acquire degrees and make money. It is now a gateway for an overall development that is changing lives for the better. Children education must facilitate the cultivation of a healthy thought process and groom their cognitive abilities. In the present focused world, education is an essential need for individuals after nourishment, garments and safe house.

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With the present scenario, it is clearly evident what importance does school education hold in today’s time.

Talking about the overall development of the young minds, here are some of the aspects of school education that contribute in a big way:

Mental Aspect

We all know there is an ongoing crisis with children’s mental health which needs a dire attention. Being the fountain of knowledge, schools educate children on numerous subjects like literature, history, mathematics, politics and other numerous subjects, thus cultivating a new thought process which helps them grow mentally. With such vast knowledge, children are exposed to a more cultural world and similarly, their existence becomes vast.

Social Aspect

School is the first boulevard of socialising for a child. Up till then, parents and immediate family members are the only people the child has human interactions with. With schools, children are exposed not only to new ideas but they also get to engage themselves with their surroundings, with different mindset of other children. With this come the few practices such as empathy, friendship, participation, assistance which turn out to be an essential part in their growing years.

Physical aspect

Unlike schools, home provides a constrained space where it gets difficult for children to steer their energy. In schools, a child is able to engage and channelise into other sociable avenue while undergoing various physical developments. With the presence of activities such as sports, craft help children direct their boundless energy into something productive. Studies say that while in familiar environment, the child is equipped to deal with sudden bursts of energy, the learns to be at his/her best behaviour only when exposed to same-aged individuals.

Overall development

By now, it is pretty evident that schools should move beyond the traditional way of teaching and learning. Earlier, schools were considered as places to just learn and gather knowledge on various subjects like history, mathematics, etc. Today, we can witness a different picture where a child is learning to go beyond the traditional way of learning. Through flexibility in curriculum, a child’s mind is able to grasp different thoughts and ideas which increase their curiosity on the ongoing happenings. Thus the importance of imagination is stressed upon extensively for a well-developed cognitive system.

Education forms the foundation of any society. It is responsible for the economic, social, and political growth and development of society in general. The strand of the growth of society depends upon the quality of education that is being imparted. So, schools play an important role in moulding a nation’s future by facilitating all round development of the future stars of tomorrow. And as rightly said, Life is also about learning, apart from living.

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