Divya Lal, Founder and MD, Fliplearn Education: Lockdown created opportunity to learn more

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Divya Lal, Founder and MD, Fliplearn Education

The Coronavirus outbreak has not just tested the world’s patience but also their dedication as everyone prepares to fight off this global pandemic. While it is disturbing to see the way every sector is affected and the entire nation is now put on an alert mode.

However, despite the risk, the basic necessities are still available to the common man. Food, medicines, groceries are still getting delivered at our doorsteps. Professionals from various industries have adopted work from home so that things keep moving and goals are still met despite the lockdown. But what about students’ education?

With parents spending more time with their kids, this is a great opportunity for them to engage together, have fun together & even learn together. It’s great to see how families are responding to the lockdown, with everyone, from children to grandparents indulging with household chores, watching movies together, etc. Then why not learn together?

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We understand in these challenging times you only wish to provide the best for your child. Fliplearn is your partner in providing personalised learning and attention at home for your child. Parent’s concern and care for child’s learning cannot be defeated by the fear mongering of Covid19.

When we designed Fliplearn – The Learning for Everyone App, we thought of making learning an immersive experience for kids through a personalised experience. What we later found out through the hundreds of thousands of parents that access the app to see their child’s performance, was that the quizzes the app has and thousands of videos it uses to explain concepts are not just interesting for kids, but immersive even for parents. I have received countless instances when parents and children together solve Fliplearn Gamified Quizzes and in the journey of learning, end up as a team.

What we follow as a principle when we offer Fliplearn to students is the + 1 (plus minus 1) approach. The reason behind this approach is that learning is not a constrained phenomenon, it’s rather divided in stages like reception > observation > conceptualization > practice > implementation. Even when you look at statistical forecasts, business growth projections, etc. you’d always notice the figures carry a variation of plus minus 5% & so on. When we analysed the studying behaviour of children, we observed that all the information they need couldn’t be found in one year’s syllabus. That provoked our thoughts to offer access to content for one class above and one class below, for the student to understand concepts from their roots to the tips.

Our society puts Teachers at a higher position as compared to parents. The “Gurus” of today are putting an enormous amount of effort to groom the leaders of tomorrow. I’m glad to say that Fliplearn has not only helped teachers meet the challenge of grooming each child in a personalised manner, but has also brought students closer to teachers. The schools that use Fliplearn’s services, teachers often tell us that their students openly raise their doubts, seek not just answers but the reasons behind it, enabling teachers to unlock their students’ potential to grow beyond their limitations.

Fliplearn is a complete platform meant to fulfill requirements not just of students but also for schools.  Fliplearn for School offers a single platform that can be accessed by the school, students, teachers and parents to make the learning process effective with better communication, trackable and performance oriented. It helps raise the performance of school by helping students learn better, retain more, revise, practice and ultimately score better. With Fliplearn for School, teachers track each student’s individual performance and provide personalised attention to address each student’s unique requirements. Teachers can use Fliplearn for School as a medium for recording lesson plans, assigning homework, projects, reading lists, practice papers etc. thereby streamlining the learning process. Parents can access their child’s performance records and important school information, all at one place and have a channel of communication with the school.

Fliplearn for School can also be the preferred medium to send homework and assignments to students.. Fliplearn builds a bridge between parents and school, by keeping parents involved and updated regarding school events, time-tables and school calendar.

Fliplearn for School helps the school transform into the most modern and high-tech institution and helps school heads, parents, teachers and students stay informed and focused on learning progress. The system is designed in a way to auto check not only questions available in the ready question bank but also the ones which are designed by the teacher. With all its features like automated corrections & performance assessments , automated dashboards on each student and class progress , its a gift of Productivity to teachers & school management, and the benefit of accountability & transparency for parents, thereby creating an environment of trusted progress.

 This passion to collaborate and learn is an attribute sought for by teachers and parents across the nation and is what every student across the country deserves. Technology has enabled us to cross physical & geographical barriers and as we gladly utilize it to bring food & groceries to our doorsteps, our kids deserve to utilize it for their personal growth too. My request to every parent, teacher or any responsible individual reading this is to not let there be any hindrances in our kids’ growth. With unlimited access to the right tools & learning methodologies, we should ensure our kids are always geared up to lead the future.

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