No school bags for Jammu & Kashmir pre-primary students

No school bags

According to a notification, the Jammu and Kashmir School Education Department has banned school bags and formal books for the pre-primary students from Nursery to UKG.

The Principal Secretary of the School Education Department stated that the students of the pre-primary levels must not carry any bag except light carrier for the lunch box. It also stated that no formal books are also prescribed.

These new rules according to media reports were formed as part of a measure to regulate the weight of the school bags.

The notification released has also prescribed limitations to the school bag weight or each class until class 10.

According to the notice, the bags of the students from class 1 and 2 must weigh 1.5 KG, bags of students from class 3 to 5 must weight 3 Kg, bags of students from class 6 and 7 must weight 4 KG, bags of students from class 8 and 9 must weight 5 Kg while bags of students from class 10 must weight 5.5 Kg.

The notification also stated that no homework must be assigned to students until class 2. The school authorities were also instructed in the notification to make sure that the students are not being asked to bring additional books.