Quarantine the darkness & become globally accepted by pursuing Evergreen: Core Engineering Branches specifically Electrical & Electronics!

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Despite the enormous evolution in almost all the prevailing realms of knowledge, certain branches of engineering and sciences continue to be relevant and grounded through time, such as Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Architecture. These are considered as the core engineering branches. These branches have been around since the emergence of human civilization in one form or another and are a flourishing testament to their undying importance. They have survived not because of persistence, but because of the constant development and relevance within them.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface…. When God told “Let there be light”, indeed there was light and the role of an Electrical Engineer in driving out the darkness from every nook and corner of the world was defined. Hail Electrical Engineers!

Electrical caters to the implementation of socio-economic tools of Artificial intelligence and machine learning, giving carrier stability rather than giving a hike and then plummeting down. The mental health of the Electrical Engineer is manifold better than a software Engineer due to innovative and non-deadline oriented approaches. When carrier caters to the socio-economic elevation alongside good monetary benefits, why choose software?

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The tremendous lifting-up of standards of living that revolutionise travel through the invention of traction motors, raising economies of countries by harnessing renewable energy-giving all ears to Greta Thunberg’s who screams out to ‘Go Green’, zooming into the sky and planets with high-Efficiency Photovoltaic Cell constructed space missions and converting a 12 hour day into a 24 hour day– think of all this without Electrical Engineers. Here’s a bite from one such blooming Engineer.

She stepped in as yet another student into the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at KIET Group of Institutions, one of the best Engineering college in Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad ( ). Her dream to get her hands dirty with Printed Circuit Boards, her passion of learning about the Artificial Intelligence behind trapping up of Electricity from solar Energy and making the best use of opportunities in Hackathon- an Inter Institute Innovation Event, got her selected in a top Company, Accenture. In her very own words: “the placements in our college have been great in the past few years. The placement cell and the staff have been putting their best efforts to ensure that each and every student has a job in hand. The constant support provided by the placement cell has given us the confidence, motivation to do well in our placements. In a short span of time, the college has already produced exceptional results and continues to improve the quality of education it provides with each passing year.

Immeasurable quantity of knowledge and values instilled in me by the Institution carved me into a better individual and made me to achieve my dream. All in all, this college has been like a family and I will cherish every moment of my life spent here ever”. Gunjan Singh, EN (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) Batch: 2016-2020.

Gunjan’s and more such true stories can be accessed at and

The institute has an inclination towards providing international standard education to its students and the department of Electrical & electronics is most active in this domain. They regularly invite International experts to cater to the latest technological advancements in the field of e-Vehicles, so as to support the growing Indian market of hybrid vehicles. The visionary head of the department of Electrical & Electronics, Dr. Neeraj Kumar Gupta, has joined hands with Industry Experts to bridge the threatening gap between industry and academia by mentoring students to bring out the best solutions for persisting and pressing needs.

Nevertheless, the department is playing an imperative role in quarantining the darkness during this lockdown period as it’s providing Internships to 600 plus students who are learning from their home and are expected to come up with Review/research papers, Product study review reports and components based reports with all technical specifications. Moreover the faculty members of the EN department along with other departments have contributed immensely in preparing e-learning material that further brought the institute the E learning Readiness Certification that has been awarded by International agency QSI Gauge with the highest grade.

And this is just a small glimpse of one of the many thrill-packed activities of Electrical and Electronics Engineering department of KIET Group of Institutions. You may click the link to witness more of the adventure.

KIET Group of Institutions is one of the premier destinations for young minds, offering courses in Engineering, Management and Pharmacy. It continuously strives for the welfare of its students providing them with best opportunities both on the national and international platforms.

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