Covid-19 Impact on Higher Education

Mr Nitish Jain

The delivery would be far superior than almost any online learning systems offered by other universities. We call it Premium Learning Online or PLO says Mr Nitish Jain, President, S P Jain School of Global Management in a conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has caused a great deal of uncertainty in higher education. Students don’t know if campuses would open or if they would need to continue studying online. If online, then what would the experience be like? If they had to return to campus, then how would social distancing mar their experience? Would they be at risk of catching the virus? The list of questions and concerns goes on.

Sadly, there are more questions than answers at this point. Universities – right from those in the US to Australia – are grappling to find solutions. However, unless one can predict how the virus would continue to spread in the coming days or months, it is not possible to give accurate replies.

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What have we done at SP Jain? We have addressed uncertainty with flexibility. Consider that for a four-year undergraduate program, students have the choice of studying the first 2 years in Singapore, Mumbai, Dubai or Online. 4 options! I am not aware of any school in the whole world that is giving so many options to its students. Students from Southeast Asia who don’t want to travel outside the region could study in Singapore. Indians would prefer to study in Mumbai. And, those from Dubai would naturally prefer Dubai. In addition, there are many who would prefer to avoid going to a campus for the next year or so. For such students, there is an online option! They also have the option to switch from online to on-campus or move from one campus to another when the time is right. Giving so much flexibility gives them comfort and peace of mind.

Speaking of online – SP Jain’s online learning system is not something ordinary. The delivery would be far superior than almost any online learning system offered by other universities. We call it Premium Learning Online or PLO. This has been designed by SP Jain to surpass face-to-face learning in very clever ways. To popularise this, the School offers several short courses. These are mostly 3-week course that leads to the development of in-demand skills, and are taught live by an expert.

Many new models would emerge and it is safe to say the education would never be the same again!.

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