Maharashtra govt asks teachers to report in schools

Maharashtra govt

In a major development, Maharashtra Schools have re-opened for staff and non-teaching work and are asking the teachers to report for administrative work.

The teachers and educationists are however concerned about their safety as public transports are still suspended.

The teachers in many schools have been asked to report to work for two to three days a week. Mostly alternate working days are assigned. The schools as per the report provided by many teachers have asked them to carry their own sanitizers and masks.

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Also, there are schools and colleges that are asking staff to report one-man / person a week. This rotational basis of working is not working out for the teachers.

The educationists have one concern however, if they are already providing education through online platforms why are they being asked to report to schools at this early stage.

The state of Maharashtra has one of the maximum cases in the country for coronavirus.

The education departments circular ‘ Mission Begin Again’ was shared by various teachers. It, however, does not include teachers but local officials that need to report by June 15 as their first working day.

Contrary to this Mumbai University has extended the vacations to June 19, 2020.