A shift in mindset will be needed – to teach and learn post-pandemic

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Dr Manimekalai Mohan

Future transformations will witness these classroom transactions are complemented with newfangled technological tools says Dr Manimekalai Mohan, Managing Trustee & Correspondent, SSVM Institutions, Coimbatore in a conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Today, due to unforeseen extensions, it is difficult to predict when schools will resume. As educators, we must look after the emotional, social and behavioural health of our learners, which is diametrically opposite to social distancing.

Currently, SSVM is effectively engaging students with online education. Our prime focus is at the inferences of the novel learning approaches that are being redefined through technological innovations, right from the live academic meetings, video interactions, online theatre, to working with all learners fulfilling their varied learning needs. Future transformations will witness these classroom transactions are complemented with new-fangled technological tools. It is time to embrace learning “anywhere anytime”.

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The new reality takes us towards technological assessment systems, digital paper corrections, eBooks and smart classroom boards and many more.Moreover, it is very early to be judgemental about how the learning trajectory will be affected by online teaching.However, when students participate in online learning, their responses have been awe-inspiring, and this has strengthened the resolve of our teachers and has motivated them to work harder and smarter.

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Moving forward, towards the new normal post-pandemic environment, we require a considerable shift in the mindset of the entire learning community— both emotional and social. We hope for the safe return of teachers and learners to school so that hands-on teaching and learning can happen smoothly. A fresh approach is the need of the hour to teach and learn in this reformed online paradigm. Therefore, a post-pandemic Institutional plan is very significant, and this demands systematic preparation.

SSVM would indeed initiate new approaches by which learners can be assimilated back into the schools’ physical setting safely from the virtual world. Besides practical measures such as frequent cleaning of classrooms and sanitising all the areas where the students regularly converge, prioritising of recess, wearing masks and face shields, distance-desk markings, sizeable students- teacher ratio, sufficient medical support- staff, safer zone to eat, play and so on will also be implemented.

A revised school calendar will be planned where the events with large gatherings of students/parents will be avoided. There would be a cancellation of field trips, conferences and inter-school competitions, but will make it possible through the virtual world without compromising on the quality. School timings will be modified, giving students’ attendance its due space. School bulletins would have colourful, pictorial depictions and slogans that sensitise students on essential hygiene and cleanliness such as washing hands frequently, safe socialising and social distancing.

Considering senior students, we have almost lost the year 2020. Bearing their future progression in mind, we must help them realise the significance of their academic excellence by educating them to gain adaptability and mental strength to face any challenges in life, aiming to achieve their goals.

These are unpredicted times, and we need extraordinary measures to tackle them. No doubt, returning to school after this pandemic will indeed be a new learning exercise for learners at all levels. Adaptability is the key to unlock any adverse circumstances.

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