Mahindra Group launches multi-disciplinary Mahindra University

Mahindra Group

To provide quality education to Higher Education students, the Mahindra Group headed by Anand Mahindra has launched its Mahindra University virtually in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Mahindra University management board said that the 130-acre, multi-disciplinary campus in Hyderabad will offer undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate (PhD) courses. Mahindra University includes the Ecole Centrale School of Engineering that was set up in 2014.

As a part of the immediate roadmap, the University will launch the School of Management (2021-22), School of Law (2021-22), Indira Mahindra School of Education (2021-22), School of Media & Liberal Arts (2022-23) and School of Design (2023-24).

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An estimated 4,000 Students and over 300 faculty members will be in place across the various schools at Mahindra University over the next five years.

Vineet Nayyar, Board of Management, Mahindra University said the aim is to get at least 40 percent women and 20-25 percent people from neglected regions of the country, including North-East India to be part of the educational institution.

Mahindra University is part of the Mahindra Educational Institutions (MEI), a not-for-profit subsidiary of Tech Mahindra.

Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group and Chancellor, Mahindra University said, “We are getting into a new adventure in the higher education sector by setting up a 21st-century university. Over the next three years, you will see us adding a lot more schools.”

Mahindra added, “We want multidisciplinary education to be the approach. I would love to see a mathematician in the university who is also a musician or an engineer who loves poetry.”