Safety measures for schools post covid-19

Dr Vidhukesh Vimal

One of the main challenges we face as an organization is to meet the fear driven anxiety of parents says Dr Vidhukesh Vimal, Headmaster, The Assam Valley School in a conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

One of the primary discussions that consumes us today are the changes we stand to face in the mundanity of our lives as we have known it. One of the main challenges we face as an organization is to meet the fear driven anxiety of parents. At The Assam Valley School, with its sprawling campus of 240 acres and a complex residential structure that caters to 800 students, a diverse teaching faculty and support staff, this can be a labyrinthine process.

Academics and Activity Programme:

• The School made a smooth transition to online teaching learning mode in a flipped classroom.

• Students and parents were acclimatized to the rigors of a digital environment with classes and assessments designed to extract the maximum off an online platform.

• AVS’s rich and diverse Activity Programme has been shifted online where teachers plan their sessions to actively engage their students.

• A significant element of a residential school is its Pastoral Care. Tutor-tutee engagement remains prioritized to ensure the mental well-being of the students where they are provided with an outlet to share their apprehensions if any.

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• Provision of a bay has been made at the Main Gate to disinfect vehicles.

• Couriers and other goods received at the Gate are being set aside for the prescribed disinfecting period.

• Thermal scanners for all Boarding Houses and other strategic locations across campus is being acquired.

• Data is being collated for necessary procedures and training of staff on safety protocol has begun.

Medical Provisions and preparations for extreme emergencies:

• The School has a 32 bedded fully equipped infirmary, a Resident Medical Officer with trained staff and an ambulance with life support paraphernalia.

• Sanitizers have been placed on strategic areas across the campus while masks and gloves are made regularly available to all concerned.

• A suitable building has been converted to an Isolation Ward for flu cases and to provide quarantine facilities as and when required.

• The School is in the process of acquiring PPE Kits for our Health Care workers to tackle any unforeseen situations.

Emotional and Mental Readiness of all stakeholders:

• A long term goal, the aim is to ensure the mental health of students, parents and staff.

• The School Management conducts regular interactions with Staff at different levels.

• Online meetings are held with Parents to discuss their concerns.

• A series of Webinars with Parents of different age groups have been designed with the School’s Councilors and the Resident Medical Officer moderated by the Headmaster to address the anxiety quotient faced regularly by Parents and safety protocols that our children must be made aware of and trained in.

Pandemics have marked history in a queer fashion indicating that human evolution has often been hastened by tragedy. The values we teach our children today may just be the faith that sustains us tomorrow.