Measures for pre-schools covid-19

Anu Gupta

For the safety of children, the whole building including furniture, swings, garden area, washroom and all the touch points will be sanitized on daily basis, says Anu Gupta, Parenting proficient | Chairperson, Leaders group of schools in a conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

The government asked schools to shut down around March 15, 2020 and still under lockdown due to surge in the COVID 19 curve in India. The HRD Ministry planning to open Sr. classes from August 2020 onwards and gradually will start primary classes from September/ October 2020.

Brief Guidelines for Kids & Parents

We have drafted detailed guidelines for the kids & parents, over here we are covering some brief pointers

1. For the safety of children, the whole building including furniture, swings, garden area, washroom and all the touch points will be sanitized on daily basis.

2. All the kids coming via busses or as walkers, thermal screening will be done before entering the vehicle & inside the school premises.

3. Shoes will be sanitized at the gate and once inside the premises near the gate only, washing the hands will be compulsory.

4. Wearing mask will be compulsory, no morning assemblies and any activities which will involve gathering.

5. Parents who come to drop kids to school, will be handed over kids at the gate and not allowed in the premises. In case they want to come at the reception, then thermal screening, mask and proper sanitization of them will be done.

6. Kids will not be allowed to play in groups at the swings, ball pool. If they will play.

7. They will not be allowed to share their food and water bottles. Even after every use of washroom, the toilet seat will be sanitized.

8. The class sitting arrangement will be accordingly to maintain physical distancing among kids inside the class.

9. In DayCare also the sleeping beds will be individual, and all the bedsheets will be washed on daily basis.

10. Busses/Vans seats will be sanitized daily.

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Brief Guidelines for Educators & Support Staff

1. Thermal Screening will be compulsory along with mask for all the staff members including drivers

2. They will strictly follow up the social distancing by themselves & will make sure that this should be maintained by visitors & parents

3. Staff will not be allowed to call food or any other item from outside in school hours

4. Before & after taking any child to washroom Didi will sanitized her hands properly

5. BH’s will make sure that while cooking food for DayCare kids, Didi will follow all hygienic measurements

6. No staff will be allowed in the premises if suffering from any flu or infection

Equipment’s in Premises

To make ourselves ready we have all the equipment’s installed well in place

1. Thermal Screening Guns
2. Masks & Gloves
3. Hand free Sanitizer Machine
4. Disinfection sprayer machine
5. Disinfection solution for cleaning all the touch points like toilet seats, taps, swings, doorknobs etc.
6. Face Shields in case of any requirement.