CM Rupani: Gujarat will be first to implement NEP 2020

CM Rupani

In a major development, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said his government aims to become the first to implement the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The state will soon form a task force to create a road map for the same.

“The new NEP has been translated into Gujarati, and a task force is being formed to make a road map for Gujarat soon,” the chief minister said.

The CM said On the basis of this road map, the state will make drastic changes in education, right from primary to secondary and higher education, from KG to PG.

“Gujarat should become the first state to implement the education policy. We should move ahead fast to become a role model for the creation of India of the future,” Rupani said.

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“In the age of industrialisation when people care only about themselves and their careers, it is teachers who, despite being paid low salaries, create a new generation and prepare people to take care of India of the future,” he said.

It is because of the strength of teachers and schools in the state that his government has “reversed the trend” whereby parents are shifting their children from private to government schools, the chief minister said.