Holistic development in education motto for Dr. Chandan Agarwal

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Dr Chandan Agarwal

Privilege is preceded by perseverance and succeeded by responsibility. In simpler terms, it implies that because privilege is an outcome of success, it results from great dedication and hard work. But once a being finds himself/herself in a position of privilege, it is crucial to not escape responsibility. The biased world that humans dwell in, it is on the shoulders of the privileged to come forward and take a step towards eradicating the biasness bit by bit. Without being in the fear of optimistic exaggeration, it will not be impossible to attain poverty, crime and illiteracy free nation if every person from society contributes towards the upliftment of the community.

On days when humanity shines, we do find people from across the nation who showcase compassion towards the less privileged. Then on the days where genuine philanthropy outshines everything else, we spot passionate philanthropists. One of those is Sir Dr. Chandan Agarwal, who hails from the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Sir. Dr. Chandan Agarwal is an exemplary idol of humans who only strive to aid the less privileged. Being a true believer of kindness and compassion, he totally discards the idea of charity. For him, working for the welfare of human kind is not doing a favor on them or on anybody. For him, it is his responsibility and one of the primary reasons for his living. In his words, “Wealth s not what you have, but what you do. Philanthropy is an act of bringing the change that we all hope to see. If you’re blessed with power by the Almighty, you are fortunate to be in a place to make others powerful.”

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Abiding by his words, his actions speak volumes of the commitment he has shown in working for people. With the advent of this unprecedented pandemic, we are witnessing the epitome of misery and sufferance. The entire world is shaken with the humongous loss of lives. In the times of fear and depression, when millions are hounded to even think of the next moment, men like Sir. Dr. Chandan Agarwal has shown incomparable valor. While all of us were shattered at the sight of homeless and hungry daily wage workers, in despair, only a handful took the initiative of coming to the rescue.

Sir Dr. Chandan Agarwal used all his might to ensure that he feeds as many empty stomachs as he can. By associating himself with certain NGOs, he worked tirelessly towards providing food to the poor. In association with teams, he arranged for mass food kitchens where food in hygienic environments was cooked and distributed to the hungry, following the issued health guidelines.

Obviously, the devastation caused by Covid-19 has been beyond comprehensions. Even the global superpowers were found struggling in devising the best medical strategies. Hence, India too has witnessed a shortage of beds, ambulances and ventilators. Innumerable people succumbed to the virus even before they could get any medical help. Looking at these circumstances, Sir Dr. Chandan Agarwal took to his own responsibility of doing his bit even for the healthcare sector. He, in a very thoughtful gesture, donated an ambulance to the state. This ambulance has been curated to be available to the ill, round the clock across the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Being functionable 24*7, this service will save all those lives who couldn’t find help in the critical time.

Even beyond the times of a pandemic, Sir. Dr. Chandan Agarwal has undertaken various projects to develop society. Also being an esteemed member of the education fraternity, he nurtures education in all the places where it still remains inaccessible as a long-lost dream. Sir Dr. Chandan Agarwal has not only inculcated the essentiality of child education but has also made people understand the vitality of girl child education. Unfortunately, even today, some sections of the society are not in sync with the changed perception of the education of girls. They still find it obnoxious to educate girls. In such areas, Sir. Dr. Chandan Agarwal has taken steps to bring in insights on the strength of women and ensured that they are served with equal rights as that of men. It has been one of his major aims to provide women with employment and the dignity that they deserve in society. For him, any sorts of discrimination are the faces of sin and therefore he strongly stands in opposition of them.

Sir. Dr. Chandan Agarwal is a proponent of holistic development in education. For him, it is crucial to impart children with all forms of training that will lead to the best development of a child. Therefore, he runs multiple sports and extra-curricular programs for students across states. In his opinion, being physically fit and active, fuels the brain to enable people work more efficiently. Standing true to this, he has institutions that train young students with physical education and sports so that children who are passionate about games can also be nurtured to pursue their interest in the latter parts of their career.

In a world full of corrupt and greedy, it is a blessing to humanity to be surrounded with nobility. Men like Sir. Dr. Chandan Agarwal personifies heroism and philanthropy. When the globe is clouded over by grief, it is philanthropists like him who are like the silver lining.

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