Navakoti Ram M.A., Chairman and MD of Upswing aims to empower educators

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Navakoti Ram M.A

What are the courses Upswing is providing and how it is unique from others?

Upswing is a team of technocrats and academics with two decades of experience. Beginning from content creation and distribution, automated process platforms and AI-based testing and assessment solutions, we offer digital solutions to help education institutions to automate the process and empower their educators.

Upswing Interactive Learning Platform, an AI-based platform allows teachers to create collaboratively, manage and innovate their teaching whilst to provide them with actionable insights on student’s progress. Upswing Classroom, a virtual classroom environment and Digital Assessment and correction tool have ensured to evaluate and reflect upon the teaching and learning process.

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Additionally, for our higher education portfolio, we have -Upswing Pro, an upskilling and employability platform to help campus placement and professional development. Upswing admission allows digitising complete admissions process. Upswing Examiner is our advanced AI proctored examinations platform that helps in conducting online examinations whilst curbing all malpractices.

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Will Ed-tech firms enhance the quality of education in the country? If yes how?

COVID19 has given us a glimpse of the impact of digital education. Quality of Education in a country largely depends on the easy availability of quality content to all learners. EdTech companies have the tools and resources to change the dream into reality. The quality of content is designed by a team of educators and technocrats, making it viable for implementation. Online assessment and analysis of results allow teachers to make the learning process personalised for students. EdTech companies are continually coming up with new ways to address issues such as effectively managing content repositories, simulated learning, personalised learning, efficiently run the digital process and even remote proctoring assessments. India has an abundance of quality teachers; technology will ensure them reach out to more learners.

How NEP 2020 will help in deploying technology in schools and colleges’ and how Ed-tech firms can help in it?

The New Education Policy 2020 is a forward-looking vision for new-age India; an indicator of a more active role technology would play at the core of the new system. To devise school and higher education curriculum, and pedagogy towards a competency-based individualised learning system, EdTech’s delivery models can help identify student skill sets, track their learning curves and support them through their learning trajectories. If implemented at the ground level effectively, the exposure to contemporary issues such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and coding starting from an early age would help reduce the gap between the current state of learning outcomes and knowledge in practice. With greater autonomy to institutions and integration of advance technology, India can truly reach its goal of becoming a global human capital powerhouse.

With a country like India, where digital infrastructure and language is a huge barrier, according to you what steps should be taken to bridge the gap across the country?

COVID19 compelled educational institutes to adopt technology to impart education. However, the lack of digital infrastructure is the most significant contributor to the learning gap across learners. Unavailability of the internet across various parts of India is more of a concern than lack of devices or India being a multilingual country. EdTech teams’ vision should be to provide digital solutions that work in mobile with basic configuration and low bandwidth. Software like text-to-speech conversion, captioning, subtitles, and many more will reduce the language barrier.

According to you what are the main challenges for an Ed-Tech firm in India post COVID-19? What are the future prospects of Upswing Learning?

COVID19 has propelled both adaptation and innovation in the domain of digital learning, particularly in India. Post COVID19 EdTech teams will face the challenge of educating institutions the benefit of technology and empower educators to deliver knowledge as laid out in NEP 2020. Technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Simulations, and Gamification will help institutions give their learners experience and engaging content. Moving ahead, technology will play an active role in innovating new systems to help educators. Seamless collaboration between technology and educators across processes and delivery models will lead to a more robust flip learning and blended learning approach. Upswing will look to be at the forefront of bringing about positive, disruptive changes to the way teaching is delivered through its pedagogy and approach. More importantly, ensuring that technology enables and empowers educators for the new digital India.

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