Delhi govt to restructure SCERT and DIET programmes

Manish Sisodia ji

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that the government is taking important steps to restructure the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) and District Institute of Education and Training (DIET).

“We need to prepare teachers who can instill a curious habit in our children and train them to ask questions in class. Children must have the courage to challenge the truth and fill in the gaps they have learned so far.

“Only teachers can change our society. So it is important to instill the right spirit in our teachers, and we can only do that through teacher training,” Sisodia said of a restructuring programme at SCERT and DIET.

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“The government is taking important steps to restructure SCERT and DIET. The educational progress of a country depends only on the effort of its teachers. This is the case of countries praised for their quality educational systems, and this is because these countries are different focused on the development and training of their teachers ”, he added.

Sisodia said the Delhi government has focused on teacher training in recent years, including increasing jobs and salaries at SCERT.

“We have increased jobs and salaries at SCERT to instill a sense of respect for the talent that comes into the system. He has received UGC compensation, ”he said.

He said that Delhi is the only state in this country where SCERT has received this scale and this honor. Also included is SCERT’s increase from 509 positions to 1,295 positions and determination of compensation and designation under NCERT, he added.