Ministry of Education: Over 3000 children of migrants to return to JNVs


Up to 3,173 students who emigrated due to Covid-19 have been tracked and will soon return to their Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNV), the Ministry of Education said in an official statement. “Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS), with the support of the Ministry of Education, MHA and the public administration, has ensured the safe return of 3,173 class IX migrant students,” the statement said.

With JNVs allowed to reopen across the country, students are slowly returning to the physical campus. JNVs are Indian residential schools and reopen under strict precautions. The Department of Education has asked all JNVs to reopen in states that have agreed to reopen schools. Initially, only students in grades 10 and 12 can take physical classes. Instructions for the rest of the classes will be released shortly, according to the ministry.

NIDs will organize bridging courses for returning students. “406 JNVs have been reopened in states / UT that have given permission to open residential schools. Transition courses and special classes are organized for students to fill in the learning gaps. National preliminary tests have been carried out for classes X and XII ”, indicates an official statement from the ministry.

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For the rest of the students who have not yet taken physical classes, the classes are taught online. The ministry says that for students without the proper equipment, a proper education is ensured through the provision of study materials, AAC, and printed assignments.

Meanwhile, Vigyan Jyoti phase-II — a project in collaboration with the department of science and technology for the promotion of education for girl students in JNVs is being launched. Vigyan Jyoti Project (Phase I) is being implemented in 58 JNVs since December 2019. The same is extended to 42 more JNVs in the second phase. Additionally, 45 Malayalam, 106 Marathi, 94 Kannada and 69 Telugu language teachers of NVS have been trained as regional language teachers under NEP -2020 which suggests teaching in mother tongue to young kids.