Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KIET Group of Institutions sets 100% placement record


New Delhi/ Ghaziabad: The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad is very glad to proclaim its success about 100% placement, which is a cumulative effort of consistent striving. With the cooperation of KIET-CRPC and Departmental Placement Cell, all eligible students of the department have been placed in well-reputed organizations including software and hardware industries. Moreover, some of the students have opted for higher studies and PSU Preparations. With this great and proud achievement, we can say, that the future of Electrical &Electronics Engineers is very bright and stable. It is a brilliant and bright option for the students who are diligent in coding, programming and at the same time interested in inventions and solutions. Core Engineering will help to build critical and dynamic thinking which would further open avenues of career options in extensive fields around the globe. Electrical & Electronics Engineers have already extended their strong arms and proved their prime presence in various essential domains like Automation & Robotics, Aero Space technology, Defence Research & Development Organization, signal processing, Automation & Control, Tele-communication, Electric Vehicles ,Embedded system, Electronic components of computers & other tools , Industrial Controls, Network Equipment, Telecom Equipment, Medical Equipment, Radios, Computers, Smart Phones, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Integrated Chips and yes, the -list is endless . In general, Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ presence and need is ever-increasing to meet the diverse needs of the consumers in India as well as abroad. Today, Electrical & Electronics Engineering is indispensable for life. All industries will come to a halt if we halt. Being an Electrical Engineer, we help and support billions of people on a day-to-day basis.

With a strong and determined vision to create technocrats who can build, innovate, and illuminate the world together, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, KIET Group of institutions is at the forefront of practical knowledge. Till now the Department has completed the dreams of more than 1600 students and provided optimum benefits to the society. More than 39 faculty members from various renowned Institutes have joined their hands together to support and guide students to enlighten their vision and to fulfil their futuristic goals. Head, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department, consistently pursuing the target to achieve 100% placement was widely appreciated. The role of Dr. Preeti Chitkara, Head, International Relations and Public Relations, in giving the students a world-wide exposure in aspects related to overall grooming is commendable. With such combined efforts, we are sure to reach greater heights in the near future.

KIET Group of Institutions is one of the premier destinations for young minds, offering courses in Engineering, Management and Pharmacy. It continuously strives for the welfare of its students providing them with best opportunities both on the national and international platforms.