Child Prodigies and how educators can help them

child is a prodigy

Success, as we know when it comes at an early age, is fascinating. Witnessing young talent and their achievements is different from those who reach their pinnacle after years of time and effort. Raising a prodigy is a gift and a privilege. With an estimated 13 million gifted children in India, it is a tall task to identify each talent without a nationally concerted effort. A loss of vast human resources if not done. Identifying and nurturing gifted children is a task in which the education system must play a crucial role and with utmost priority. Preparing students to excel in standardised exams – Boards or Olympiads is equally important but schools must recognise that not all gifted children are good test-takers, and vice versa. Learners who may struggle in the classroom can often excel in other domains. Investing in gifted education can provide better-performing students that include –

Kautilya Pandit The Google Boy of India with Dr. Neeta Bali Director Principal GD Goenka World School
Kautilya Pandit The Google Boy of India with Dr. Neeta Bali Director Principal GD Goenka World School

Children – Special provisions for children with advanced learning needs to help keep them engaged.

Teachers – Providing suitable challenges to gifted children and a mechanism to help balance their studies hone their talent at the same time.

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Schools – Introduce education programmes to allow gifted children to explore areas of interest in a challenging environment to help renew interest in school.

Ways to know that your child is a prodigy.

  • They’re exceptionally skilled
  • Exhibit advanced ability in a specific area
  • Show a good working memorys
  • They speak vividly and with clarity and maturity
  • Display ease of rapport when interacting with adults
  • Have sustained focus during a conversation
  • Have a deep level of understanding

As hard as it may be to not impose your wishes for the child’s future, trust in his or her abilities and let the child guide you.

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